Basketball Drinking Game

Get ready to add a lot more entertainment to your night in with the Basketball Drinking Game. All that you need is some drinks and a couple of your buddies to turn any basketball game into a nice buzz.  Split into groups and prepare to turn every basket, every block, and big leads into drinks. Try not to hate your friends too much when their team crushes yours though.


Any basketball game and drinks.


Players will chose a basketball game to watch. They will then split into two groups each representing one of the teams in the chosen basketball game. Players will then drink according to how their team performs.

Basketball Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The opposing team scores a basket. Do not drink for free throws.
  • A player on your team gets blocked at the rim.
  • A player on your team misses a free throw attempt.
  • A player on your team gets a foul.

Drink three whenever:

  • The opposing team gets a slam dunk.
  • The quarter ends and your team is down by 5 or more points.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • The game ends and your team lost by 20 or more points.
  • The opposing team goes on a 15-0 point run or more.

Optional rule:

Star player:

Each group may designate a player on their team as the “star player”. Whenever the star player would cause any amount of drinks those drinks are doubled. Additionally if your star player puts up 15 or more points in a quarter then the opposing team must drink 3 each at the end of the quarter.

The Basketball drinking game can be used for more than just the NBA. Try it out with the WNBA, or give it a go during March Madness. Overall you can expect to finish 3-4 drinks during the course of this game. That is if the game was close. If the other team runs away with the game and you have to finish a few drinks well… Expect yourself to have a pretty good night.

The star player rule will help to spice up an already heated battle. Just Don’t let your opponents pick Lebron, there is no way that is going to work in your favor. So tune into some basketball and get ready to enjoy the game in a way you never thought possible.