Basket Case Drinking Game

Basketcase Drinking Game -

Basket Case is a cult classic Horror/Comedy film from 1982. Made with an extremely low budget and rather poor lighting. Duane is a mysterious young man who very suddenly needs to rent a hotel room in a seedy New York neighborhood. With loads of cash on hand and a mysterious wicker basket that he refuses to talk about. All of these things gain the attention of the others living at the hotel. The Basket Case Drinking Game will have players drink along as we discover exactly why Duane seems so rushed.


The movie Basket Case and drinks.


Players will drink along as Duane and all of the others around him seem either super sketchy or just really want to talk with him for no apparent reason. People are curious about the basket and some people get murdered along the way as well, what fun.

Basket Case Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone looks at or questions the basket.
  • Duane acts sketchy or evades a question.
  • Any of the people who live at the hotel seem sleazy.
  • You see a new member of the hotel for the first time.
  • Someone seems to be interested in talking with Duane.

Drink three whenever:

  • Someone is killed.
  • There is a flashback.
  • Anyone attempts to look into the basket.

Chug you drink:

  • For as long as awful claymation Belial is on screen.
  • While Belial is making his weird murder noises.

The Basket Case Drinking Game mostly revolves around character interactions. This makes the game really easy to follow along with as you drink during the movie. Basically everyone is weird or sketchy, especially Duane. There are a few flashbacks and murders during the movie as well to help liven things up. Players will chug their drinks for as long as the terrible claymation is being used and for as long as Belial makes his weird angry killing sounds. Overall this movie is a blast to drink to with the added benefit of being able to say you watched a movie considered a cult classic.