Baseball Drinking Game

Baseball Drinking Game Rules

The Baseball Drinking Game is great and requires very few supplies. Make sure not to make the mistake I made and play on a surface that won’t get damaged from bouncing a quarter on it. The Baseball Drinking game is a great way to entertain a small group of competitive drinkers. Players compete to see who can get more runs and cause the opposing team to drink more.



  • 4 shot glasses
  • A coin (preferably a quarter)
  • Beer


In this players 2 teams of opposing players take turns trying to get a home run by sinking a quarter into a shot glass.

Set up:

Fill each of the 4 shot glasses up with beer and place them in a straight line.


Team members take turns trying to shoot a quarter into one of the four shot glasses until they sink the farther shot glass (home run) or they miss all the shot glasses 3 times total (strike out). The first three shot glasses in the row represent a Single, Double and Triple. If a player sinks his coin into one of those shot glasses he or she must drink that shot glass along with each one before it. For example if a player sinks the double he must drink the double and single shot glasses. If he or she sinks the quarter in the fourth shot glass (home run) then the opposing team must drink each shot glass that is still full on the table. When a player either strikes out or gets a home run their teams turn is over and then it is the opposing teams turn.

Additionally players can make this closer to the actual sport by playing the game up to 9 innings and trying to keep score of runs scored.