Bartok Drinking Game Rules

Card Game

This drinking game is a little different than your average card game. In that not everyone will be privy to the rules of the game so you’ll kind of have to figure it out as you go along. So if this is your first time playing the Bartok drinking game make sure only a few people know the rules. It works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’re going to need a deck of cards and some drinks. That’s about it.

Bartok Drinking Game Rules

Start out by dealing 4 cards to each player. They can be face-up or face down, doesn’t matter. The dealer can try to mess players up by making it look like there’s a method to the dealing.

Once the cards are dealt the game has begun. These are the rules.

  1. No speaking about the rules.
  2. No asking questions.
  3. No pointing.
  4. No swearing.
  5. No using names.
  6. When a player has 1 card left they must knock on the table and say “bartok”.

Now whenever anyone breaks a rule any other player may give them one card. First player to do so gets to give them a card and everyone else must take their card back.

First player to rid themselves of all their cards wins the game. All the losers have approximately 15 seconds to finish their drinks. Anyone who fails to do so gets an extra card for the next round.


Often when playing the Bartok drinking game it’s common to let the winner of each round invent a new rule. To make sure they are playing fairly they should tell at least one other person what their rule is. If someone doens’t get the rules and tries to slide someone else a card when they aren’t supposed to you’re allowed to give the card back to them.