Bards Dispense Profanity Review – The Party Game For English Lit Majors

Bards Dispense Profanity is a party card game by Why So Ever that’s geared towards all the Shakespeare fans out there. To sum it up Bards Dispense Profanity plays much like the fan favorite Cards Against Humanity except with outlandish quotes from the works of William Shakespeare.

Recently we got a chance to test this game out and wrote a quick how-to-play guide, a review and of course our very own Chuggernauts drinking rules. The game features some fairly open ended yellow subject cards and a plethora of white cards that all contain quotes from all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays.

How To Play The Game

To start shuffle all the decks and then everyone snatches up 7 white cards.

Each round someone serves as a judge and flips a yellow card. These are usually fairly standard prompts that the other players need to try and answer with their white cards.

When ready each player puts in a white card except the judge. After that the judge flips them all and reads them aloud (preferably in your best old English accent). The judge then chooses an answer and whoever put that one down earns a point and keeps the card.

Rounds continue as such with the judge rotating around the circle and people replenishing their hand to 7 cards each round.

Probably best here to set a score to decide who wins, typically we play first to 5 points. But you might want to change that depending how many people are at the table.

The Chuggernauts Drinking Rules!

We decided to go the trivia route for this drinking game. Once per round the judge draws an additional white card and reads it out loud. Everyone else must now take a stab at which play it’s from, anyone who is incorrect takes a drink! (side bets are welcome).

Bards Dispense Profanity Review

We’re not going to lie, this game is geared toward a fairly specific audience. However, if you fall into that category or can think of someone who does then this would make an ideal gift that any fan of Shakespeare would adore.

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Bards Dispense Profanity is wacky and outlandish once you realize just how strange some of the quotes in Shakespeare’s work become once taken out of context. It serves as a great educational tool for a teacher or someone struggling to get people to enjoy these classic plays.