How To Play The Bad Santa Drinking Game!

Bad Santa is one of the most adult Christmas movies you can find so we decided to create a Bad Santa drinking game. With all the drinking and overall bad decisions that happen in this movie it makes for the perfect drinking game.

This film is a raunchy dark comedy all about a couple of horrible people out to ruin Christmas. Except this time it’s not the Grinch it’s Willie as they travel from mall to mall trying to pull off heists dressed as beloved Christmas characters. It’s one of those movies that’s not at all suited for children but still manages to tell the tale of someone finding the Christmas spirit.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this drinking game just grab a few drinks and follow these super easy drinking rules.

Bad Santa Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • Willie is seen drinking alcohol
  • Someone says “Santa Claus”
  • Willie and/or Marcus steal something or scam someone
  • Willie has sex.
  • A child tells Santa what they want for Christmas
  • Thurman bears witness to something downright traumatic
  • Anyone says “Merry Christmas!”
  • Someone takes drugs
  • Santa pretends to be sick
  • Someone mentions Sandwiches

Finish your drink whenever…

  • The bullies get beaten up.

If you want to get really intense try drinking whenever someone swears in the movie. You’ll be drunk in no-time.


Our Bad Santa drinking game is the perfect way to enjoy this dark holiday comedy. However it can be an awful lot of drinking even if the drink finishing rule only comes up twice in the film so always make sure to take it easy and drink responsibly. If this style of not-at-all-for-kids Christmas movie is your forte then we suggest taking a look at our The Night Before drinking game!