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Bad People Review: Good, Raunchy Fun.

The Bad People card game is one where players take turns voting for who is most likely to do a certain thing. Generally this bring up some hilarious debates and you might learn a thing or two that you really didn’t want to know about your friends. So naturally it goes great with a few beers! This Bad People review will cover how to play, what we thought of the game, and our own set of drinking rules to spice things up.

How To Play

Character Choices

The object of this game is to guess who the Dictator is going to vote for.

After everyone chooses their ridiculous player cards like the Giant Dildo, the Pedophile, the Musky Bong or the other Pedophile, then a dictator is chosen to start the game.

The dictator draws one of the many Question Cards and reads it aloud to the group. The dictator then secretly chooses which player he think best answers that question. The questions range from “Who would be the worst teammate on the Amazing Race?” to “Who’s experienced the biggest age difference with a sexual partner” and everything in between. The game supports 3-10 players.

Then every other player votes on who they think the dictator voted for. Once all the votes are in the dictator flips their card to reveal their vote.

Whoever correctly guessed their vote gets a point! First player to 7 points takes the game.

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Bad People Review

As soon as you grab the box you’ll notice the big ol’ “fuck you” middle finger. This pretty well sets the pace for the whole game. From the hilarious sexual questions like “Who is the most orally disinclined” to the harsher questions like “Who’s funeral will have the smallest attendance?”, this game is a wild ride.

BAD PEOPLE – The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play (Toy)

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The game is best played with people you know. It’s hilarious to find out what your friends really think about you. Since the game supports up to 10 players and only lasts about an hour it’s a great choice at the start of a party to get people talking. You’re almost guaranteed to get into some ridiculous and raunchy debates.

The game comes with so many cards that you can play it tons of times before running into any of the same questions. We recommend grabbing the NSFW expansion for some extra spicy questions. This is one of those games that gets way funner if everyone’s got a drink in hand so we threw together some drinking rules to get you started.

Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules

  • Anytime someone votes for you, take a drink.
  • If the Dictator votes for you, double those drinks.
  • If ever you receive a unanimous vote (everyone picks you), get down on one knee and chug your whole drink.
  • At the end of the game everyone who didn’t win must cheers to the victor and finish their drinks.

All in all we definitely recommend Bad People: The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play. It was a blast to review and it’s a great opener if people need an excuse to come out of their shell.