7 Awesome Lawn Games to Spice Up Your Summer

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Whether you’re psyching yourself up for the big game or just looking to hang out with some friends, there’s a lawn game out there to help get the most out of summer.

Yard games come in many shapes and sizes, from fun active lawn games like Slam Ball or Frisknock , to more casual games like Lawn Dice or Ladder Toss. So it’s important to know what kind of games your friends enjoy before setting one up.

Best Lawn Games

Ladder Toss – Best for Parties

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Ladder toss is easy play but hard to master. A great laid-back game for parties or small events. The objective of the game is simple, toss the bolas onto the ladder and score points based on which rung it lands on. This game is just casual enough for everyone to enjoy it, and competitive enough for players who want to get a bit more serious.

There’s only a few components to a ladder ball set, the ladder and a series of balls that are attached by a string. Players or teams of players take turns tossing a bola onto the ladder and scoring points based on which one it lands on. Typically the bottom rung is 1 point, the middle is 2 and the top rung is 3 points. The game is usually played up to 21 points, but feel free to extend it as long as you need.

Frisknock – Best For Camping

A great thing about frisknock is that basically anyone can play it and it makes for a fun drinking game as well. All it requires is some stakes, some bottles and some a Frisbee. However some great companies like Poleish make all-in-one portable sets so you can take the party wherever you want with no hassle.

Frisknock is played in two teams of two, where each player stands a few yards away behind their teams stake. Teams take turns trying to huck the frisbee over to the opposing teams side and knocking the bottle off the top of it. It works great as a drinking game, however you can also play without drinking rules so the whole family can enjoy it.

Spike Ball – Best Sport Game

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For people who are looking for something a little more active, Spike Ball is a perfect yard game to get people moving. It’s a fast paced team game where players try to slam the ball into the mini trampoline and past their opponents.

For a proper game of Slam Ball you’re going to want a good amount of spaces so the players have room to jump and dive around the trampoline. The goal of the game is to smash the ball into the trampoline and past your opponents, sort of like a more free-form version of volleyball.

Large Connect 4 – Best For Kids and Families

If you’re looking for something that will keep all ages happy, this giant connect 4 set is a great way to do it. Everyone already knows how to play and it doesn’t require much physical movement so it’s a great choice for the whole family.

This set by Bolaball comes complete with an outdoor game board and enough pieces for each player. It’s very simple to stand up and play, so you won’t have to spend all afternoon setting it up.

Yard Dice – Best For Casual Hangouts

Yard dice are a nice change of pace from a lot of games on this list. These are large wooden dice that can be thrown around in the lawn to place classic dice games like Yahtzee, Farkle or Pig.

This great set by Ondekt also comes with a large bucket that’s great for rolling all the dice at the same time. Plus the dice themselves come in a very solid wood quality so you can play in any type of weather.

Kubb – Best New Yard Game

Kubb is a game that takes it’s roots from classic pub games. The objective of the game is to throw your bar (Kastpinnar) at the opposing teams blocks (Kubbar) and trying to knock over as many as possible.

A Kubb set looks like a pile of polished wood at first glance, with different shapes and sizes. As you begin to play the game you can start to understand what all the different pieces are for.

Giant Jenga – Best For Drinking Games

This one’s pretty simple, it’s Jenga but much bigger. And really, what’s wrong with that? It’s a great way to up the ante and watch as your friends build a giant tumbling tower before one unlucky drunkard knocks it all over.

We’ve always maintained that Jenga makes for an great drinking game. Simply write as many fun drinking rules on each block, and as people pull the block they have to do what it says (or drink as a consequence).

When looking for the best lawn games, it really comes down to what your company would enjoy. So try to keep in mind if who you’ll be entertaining before picking out the perfect yard game.