Spotlight: Art Of Play Playing Cards

Art Of Play Playing Card Review by

Art of play is an online shop focusing on quality playing cards and all sorts of other games.Their Playing Cards are a great blend of function and elegance. Whether you’re just playing card games, doing magic tricks or simply collecting Art Of Play has you covered. With over 75 available decks there’s something for every niche.

We recently got a chance to try out a few of the decks from this established company. So we did what we do best and played a few card games. We tried out a few decks and handpicked our favorites.

Gold Standards

Designed by Kevin Cantrell Studio, these cards were a personal favorite. The deck box is embroidered with really intricate designs. They’re everything a deck of cards should be, but better. With amazing fine print lettering and all around great design this deck is something we’ll probably want to hide whenever the drinking games come out.

Illusion D’optique

Illusion D'optique Playing Card Review by

Illustrated by Gianni Sarcone, this deck has a unique optical illusion on each card to challenge your perceptions. The box it comes in is a shimering silver with no wording or indication of what will be in the box. A great deck if you don’t mind waiting between turns for everyone to gawk at the illusions in their hand.

Into The Weird

Into The Weird Review by

Into The Weird is exactly that. A series of strange and entrancing images designed by Jenny Gebhardt. A series of 54 different cards all with unique designs of contorted human anatomy and other strange illustrations. Given the art-style of this deck it’s great to just flip through and enjoy the imagery.

Bruce Lee

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the mostly black satin finished tuck box. These cards come with a very nice double headed on the backs and powerful quotes printed on the front. Each card has a different philosophical quote from one of the sharpest minds of recent years, Bruce Lee. For people like me who are fans of Bruce Lee’s body of work then this deck is for you.

For all this and more visit the Art Of Play online store.