Around the Clock Drinking Game

The Chuggernauts

The drinking game Around the Clock is easy and doesn’t require anything other than a way to tell the time and some drinks. Basically it just entails players staring at a clock, drinking 1 more sip every minute than the last until they’ve gone through a full hour (Which is nearly impossible).  It works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

Some pals, some drinks, and preferably an analog clock but any clock will do.

How to Play Around the Clock

This drinking game is one of endurance. Most people won’t finish the game because it gets extremely intense by the end of it.

This game should start off at the top of the hour to make things easier.

Once the minute hand hits 1, everyone take a sip.

Then when it hits 2, everyone takes two sips.

3, 3 sips. Etc…

You can see why this gets out of hand when the 60th minute requires 60 sips. All sips must be finished before the next minute starts or else you are knocked out.

The goal of the game is to make it a full hour, but unless you’re Andre the Giant I don’t think it’s going to happen. So just see how far you can get and then brag to your friends about it. Last player standing is crowned the winner.


Now this can’t be understated. Please make sure not to drink to excess. With games like this it can get very easy to let pride get the best of you and wind up with alcohol poisoning so if you need a break take one and please drink responsibly. If you’re looking for other endurance drinking games we suggest you check out Power Hour.