Archer Drinking Game

Archer Drinking Game -

The Archer Drinking game is for the popular, currently airing, adult animation Archer. This show follows Sterling Archer and the spy agency he works at. Throughout various seasons the spy agency changes it’s name and at one point becomes a drug front trying to sell stockpiled cocaine.

Archer is about as perfect as it gets for a drinking game. There is crass humor, characters with varied personalities, and catchphrases that are sure to come up often.


The show Archer and some drinks


Players will be drinking along with the characters in Archer. They will also be drinking along to the characters sexual promiscuity, their weird personalities, and catchphrases within the show.

Archer Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • A character in the show drinks.
  • Someone says “Danger Zone” or “Phrasing”.
  • Archer or Malory are an asshole.
  • Lana is offended by something.
  • Kreiger talks about an experiment, Neil Peart (Rush), or his holographic wife shows up.
  • Someone makes fun of Cyril.
  • Pam eats something or does cocaine.
  • Pam is seen taking a dump.
  • Archer mentions ants.
  • Cheryl does or says something nonsensical or stupid.
  • Cheryl makes a sexual advance towards another character.
    • Drink 2 if it’s rejected.
  • There is a gay joke involving Ray.
  • You hear Archer’s answering machine.

Finish your Drink Whenever:

  • Brett gets shot.
  • Barry gets killed or otherwise left for dead.
  • A character re-enters the show as part robot.

The Archer drinking game will have players laughing out loud as the characters go about their daily lives in a spy agency. From Archer being an asshole to Kreiger being a modern day mad scientist there is always a character who will make you fall victim to drinks. Aside from the character tropes there are other recurring events and catchphrases in the show that will net you some drinks every so often. Some of these events will cause you to finish your drink. These will come up a couple of times each season for a good balance. Have yourself a few drinks as you watch the proclaimed “worlds greatest spy” Archer.