Another Drinking Game

Another Drinking Game -

The unfortunately named Another Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime Another. Another follows a group of students from a small town who are in a classroom that has a deadly curse.

The students do everything within their power to stop the curse from claiming innocent victims. Unfortunately for these children they don’t know how or why the curse starts and so the students slowly start to die. The overall creepiness and death count of this anime will make sure you don’t get to put your drink down for very long.



The anime Another and drinks.


Players will be drinking when one of the following creepy events happen. Also players must finish their drink whenever a non-student dies on screen.

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone mentions the curse.
  • Someone dies.
  • Someone blatantly avoids the subject or lies.
  • Something weird or creepy happens.
  • Creepy or somber music starts to play.
  • Someone blames someone else for the curse.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Someone who isn’t a student dies on screen.

Another Drinking game has two distinct parts to it. The first part of the anime being very creepy and having characters trying to figure out what the curse is. Part two involves the curse taking effect and characters dying more often. The finish your drink rule happens fairly randomly so good luck on guessing when or who the next dead character is.

The creepy tones and almost constant deaths should make this anime perfect for lots of drinks steadily over the course of the whole show. It’s up to the players to judge when something is considered creepy like shots of weird dolls or off putting dialogue. So grab some drinks and get ready to find out why all of these poor kids are being killed!