Animal Drinking Game

The Bear Paw Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

The Animal drinking game is similar in a lot of ways to the classic Name Game. Except for in this version players say the names of animals instead of people so it tends to end a lot quicker. The idea of this game is players take turns saying the name of an animal and then the next player clockwise has to say the name of a different animal who’s name begins with the last letter of the last animal said. This game works with anywhere from 3 to 10 players.

What You’ll Need

For this game players should gather around a table where everyone can hear everyone. Then players just need to have their drinks ready.

Animal Drinking Game Rules

Play starts with the first player saying the name of any animal they want such as “Horse”. Then the next player clockwise must say another animal that starts with the last letter of the last word said such as “Eel”.

An example round could play out like this

  • ChickeN
  • NarwhaL
  • LemuR
  • RaT


If a player takes to long to reply or repeats an animal that has already been said earlier in the round they lose. They have to drink half of their drink and must choose a new animal to start the next round with. There’s no real ending to this game so just play until you’re bored of it. If you want you can always switch categories when things start to get stale to other topics like “Countries” or “Brands”.


The Animals Drinking Game is one of the simplest drinking games you’ll ever find. Although it gets a little hard to remember what everyone said to make sure that you haven’t repeated anyone.