Angel Beats! Drinking Game

Angel Beats! Drinking Game

The Angel Beats! Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original anime series Angel Beats! This show follows a group on teenagers as they struggle to survive in the afterlife. They rebel against god and fear being forced to pass on from the mysterious being known only as Angel. Ripe with characters that have over the top personalities and dark humor involving death this show will be sure to inspire some laughs which always pair well with a few drinks.


The Angel Beats! anime and drinks.


Players will drink whenever any of the following interactions happen between characters. On top of that players must finish their drinks whenever one or more characters pass on from the afterlife.

Angel Beats! Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • “God”, “Angel”, or “Christ” is mentioned.
  • A character insults another character.
  • Someone dies, or would suffer normally fatal wounds.
  • Someone has a flashback or talks about their past life.
  • Any character takes a bite of food or drinks.
    • Drink twice if it’s coffee.
  • There is a musical instrument on screen. Drink one for each instrument in the scene.
  • Anyone attacks without a weapon or uses a grapple.(Punch, tackle, German Suplex, etc.)

Finish your drink when

  • one or more people pass on from the afterlife.

As far as finish your beer rules go this one is gonna come up often enough so be ready to down a drink every few episodes. Overall the drinking pace for the Angel Beats! Drinks Game is going to be fairly slow but constant with a few full drinks thrown in. This works out as a nice balance between the rather funny scenes involving death and the more somber scenes of characters passing on from the after life.