Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Drinking Game

The Anchorman Drinking Game -

The Anchorman Drinking Game has players drinking to the classic Will Farrel comedy Anchorman. This movie follows the unknowingly hilarious news anchor Ron Burgundy as he gains, loses, and then regains his popularity. It’s one of Will’s most iconic rolls as this has become one of the most quotable comedy movies of all time.

This movie makes for a great drinking game because there’s so much recurring phrases or themes and there’s a ton of hilarious moments to boot.


The movie Anchorman and drinks


Players will be drinking for all the tropes within this movie. As well as chugging their drink during the entirety of the street brawl scene.

Drink one whenever

  • Ron Burgundy says his own name
  • Ron says “Scotch”
  • Baxter barks
  • Someone mentions San Diego
  • Someone in the movie drinks anything. This can be coffee, booze, milk, anything.
  • You see a teleprompter
  • There’s a panning shot of San Diego
  • Someone takes a puff of a cigarette
  • Someone mentions the name of a news station
  • Brick says something odd
  • Any news anchor says their signing-off catch phrase

Chug for as long as

  • The street brawl scene is going on

Additional Rule

Drink every time there’s a line in the movie that you have quoted in the past.


Hard Mode

If you’re looking to up the difficulty try drinking once every time someone says Ron, and drinking twice every time someone says his full name Ron Burgundy. This happens way more often than it should.


This drinking game is pretty easy to follow since most people who have seen this movie are able to tell when most of these scenes are coming up. Plus it’s always fun to try and get as drunk as Ron when he hits rock bottom. So grab some scotch, or maybe a whole carton of milk, and get ready for the Anchorman Drinking Game.