Anchorman Drinking Game

The Anchorman Drinking Game is one of the simplest ones around and it’s also a huge amount of drinking. Perfect for any group of people who would rather just get on with the drinking then sit around all day explaining and re-explaining rules to all the guests.



A pitcher and six quarters.


Two teams battle to see who can be first to sink 3 quarters in the pitcher. The losing team must chug the pitcher. Simple as that.

Set up:

Teams of at least 3 players each must stand at opposite ends of the table. Each team is given 3 quarters. The pitcher is placed in the middle an equal distance away from either team and filled with beer.


Anchorman Drinking Game Rules:

Before the game starts each team must vote on an anchorman for their team. If that team loses, the Anchorman will be the one to kick off the drinking. When the game start each team takes alternating turns trying to bounce a quarter into the pitcher.

Once a team has all 3 quarters in the pitcher they are declared the winners and the losing team must chug the pitcher. Players pass the pitcher around among themselves, making sure nobody chugs more than once. Players may chug as much or as little as they want. The anchorman must be the last one to chug and he must chug everything that remains in the pitcher.



The Anchorman Drinking Game is simple yet effective. It will result in a ton of drinking and maybe even a little bitter resentment at that jerk of a teammate who can never seem to hit the pitcher. It’s a great way to get the party going but be careful, this game can be a bit of a mess. Pitchers aren’t exactly designed to be drank from directly.