An Amazing UFC Drinking Game

After another night of downing some beers and watch a couple people wail on eachother we decided it’s about time we create a UFC Drinking Game. This game will work with any UFC match but we suggest trying it out during one of the many PPV live events.

How it works is each person picks a fighter at the start of each match. Then they just follow these easy drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. Anyone who actually follows the UFC will have a huge advantage in having a decent guess at how the matches will play out.

The UFC Drinking Game Rules

Before each match pick one of the two fighters. 

Take a drink whenever your fighter…

  • He/she refuses a handshake during the weigh-in.
  • Gets punched in the face.
  • Is taken down.

Chug for as long as your fighter is turtling.

General Drinking Rules

Finish your drink if your fighter is knocked out.

Shotgun a beer if they are eliminated in the very first round for any reason.

Everybody drink in solidarity if a nut-shot is landed.

Intense Mode

If you want to up the ante multiply the drinking you do by round number. So each face shot and take down in the first round only amounts to one drink, but in later rounds they are worth more. So if the fight lasts to the fifth round each one would be worth 5 drinks.



This UFC drinking game is all in good fun but it’s easy to get carried away especially if you plan on playing it for multiple fights. So please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly. If you liked this game and wanted to check out some more great sport drinking games why not take a look at our huge collection of sport drinking games!