American History X Drinking Game

American History X Drinking Game -

The American History X has players drinking to the dark piece of societal commentary American History X. This movie follows Danny as he slowly tries to reconcile his racist belief system and write a paper for his history class. The family soon finds themselves getting deeper into their neo-nazi belief system Danny and his father need to find out if it’s not too late to turn things around.

This movie can be pretty heavy a lot of the time, so maybe a few beers will help get you through some of the graphic violence. So grab a drink or two and learn about the erroneous nature of the skinhead belief system.



American History X and drinks


Players will be drinking to all the racial slurs and violence that’s rampant throughout this film. Additionally players will have to finish their drink whenever someone dies.

American History X Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one every time:

  • There’s a racial slur. This can be directed at any race or group.
  • Someone utters a threat.
  • Someone is hit with something.
  • Someone mentions history.
  • You look away from the screen because things are getting to heavy.
  • You start to question your own skinhead beliefs.  (if anyone drinks randomly during the game, this is probably why. Scold them for it.)

Finish your drink whenever

  • One or more people die in a scene


The American History X Drinking Game is quite a lot of drinking just for how frequent there is a racial slur in the movie. In fact there’s so many we wouldn’t be surprised if you missed a few while drinking for others. The drink finishing rule only comes up a few times but you’ll probably appreciate having to chug a drink to get through those scenes. So grab a few drinks and get ready to get your buzz on in this twisted coming of age film.