American Dad Drinking Game

American Dad Drinking Game -

The American Dad Drinking game has players drinking to Seth Macfarlane’s cartoon sitcom American Dad. This show follows Stan, the all-american, gun-toting, CIA agent father of two. Also there’s an alien. Unlike Seth’s other popular show Family Guy this show tends to focus a bit more on the characters and their family dynamic.

This drinking game is aimed to have players drinking when any of the characters behave in a way that’s typical of their character. Stan being american, Hayley being liberal and Roger being an all around weirdo.



American Dad and a drink of choice.


Players will be drinking to all the common character tropes in the series. Additionally players will be able to chose someone to finish their drink if they are the first to spot a Patrick Stewart cameo.

American Dad Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one every time:

  • Stan opposes something Hayley does
  • Stan says something uniquely American
  • Roger is in a new costume
  • Hayley opposes something Stan does
  • Hayley adopts a new liberal cause
  • Steve talks about a girl
  • Hayleys boyfriend Jeff says something stupid
  • Klaus is ignored
  • Stan takes out his gun
  • Fancine seems stressed out
  • Toshi is misunderstood
  • Steve and Roger decide on some kind of plan to carry out
  • Someone drinks within the show. Drink 3 if they get hammered

Whenever there is a Patrick Stewart cameo, the first player to spot it gets to chose another player to have to finish their drink.


This drinking game is fairly steady just for the fact that every character stays pretty true to their stereotypes. For those who aren’t aware Patrick Stewart voices the CIA directory Avery Bullock. Many episodes he won’t be present at all but there’s quite a few where you can expect to see him enter a scene at least a few times. So grab a nice american lager and get ready to get tipsy and patriotic all at the same time.