All In The Family Drinking Game

This drinking game is for the classic sitcom All In The Family. Often criticized for it’s subtle racist and sexist undertones this show is a staple of American sitcoms. The All in the Family will have players drinking to all the recurring themes in this show like Archie’s arguments with Mike and his neighbors.

This game works with any number of players so just grab a seat on the couch with a few friends and a few drinks and remember the good ol’ days when girls were girls and men were men.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode (or multiple if you want to make a night of it) and some drinks.

All in the Family Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever

  • Archie Yells
  • Archie takes a puff of a cigar
  • Edith scurries away
  • Edith says “Ohh Arrrchie”
  • Archie says something sexist or demeans Edith in some way (This counts during the opening theme song too)
  • Anyone on the show takes a sip of something alcoholic
  • Archie tells someone to get out of his chair
  • Mike and Archie have a political disagreement
  • Gloria physically hits Archie, or at least tries to
  • Archie says something prejudice, drink twice if it’s directed at his neighbors.

Take a huge chug if Edith snaps and yells at Archie

Optional Rule:

If you want to kick this game up a notch, try taking an extra sip any time Archie says anything you couldn’t get away with in the current year.


Our All in the Family drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few beers and revisit this timeless classic. Truth be told this show has aged like a glass of milk, what with how apparent all the prejudice comments are. But that’s half the fun of turning it into a drinking game! However you choose to enjoy this game please make sure to drink responsibly.