Aliens Drinking Game

Aliens Drinking Game -

Our Aliens Drinking Game has players drinking for the movie Aliens. Often considered the best movie in the series, Aliens is directed by James Cameron. Much like the first movie this one follows a group marooned on a planet as they continue to underestimate a group of deadly super beasts.

This movie is a little more action packed than the first so it makes for a great drinking game. After waking up from a hibernation for a large number of years Ripley is once again tasked with stopping the Aliens.



The Aliens movie and drinks


Players will be drinking whenever certain things are said or done during the Aliens movie. As well as finishing what’s left of their drinks whenever any of the iconic lines in this movie are said.

Aliens Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Someone or an alien dies
  • Someone makes light of the aliens or denies their existence
  • Pvt Vasquez does something badass
  • Someone takes a puff of a cigarette or cigar. Or chews it.
  • Someone makes fun of someone else
  • Any of the crew members cock a gun
  • Someone gets into a vent
  • Private Hudson is being pessimistic
  • Newt screams
  • The locator is shown

Drink once every time someone says

  • Terraform
  • The Company
  • Colony (or colonists or any variation of that)
  • Badass
  • Newt
  • Ripley
  • God Damn

Finish your drink when you hear any of these iconic phrases from the movie

  • “Game Over Man, Game Over!”
  • “Kill…Me…”
  • “Not bad… for a human”


This Aliens drinking game is a lot to follow with all the rules in it. But don’t worry there will be enough drinking that you can miss a rule or two along the way. The one liners only come up once each during the movie as well. This movie makes for the perfect action movie drinking game for the sheer amount of death and gunfire that happen during it.