Alien 3 Drinking Game

Alien 3 Drinking Game -

The Alien 3 Drinking Game follows Ripley immediately after the events in Aliens. Her shuttle has crash landed on a planet containing an old abandoned prison complete with religiously reformed inmates. Cancelling out a lot of the character building done in the previous movie Alien 3 is often considered a dud when compared to the franchises previous two outings. Ripley wakes up to find that the people she had escaped with in the prior movie are dead and that she is stranded on an abandoned prison planet. With no real weapons to speak of, and some prisoners as dangerous as the alien threatening to attack, Ripley is pushed to her limits. Grab some refreshments and get ready for a long stretch of people being crazy and a pretty bad CG alien.


The movie Alien 3 and drinks.


Players will drink as inmates die and Ripley does her best to again survive the horrors of an alien menace. The prisons are religious, crazy, and often perverted causing many of the drinks in this game.

Alien 3 Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone swears.
  • One of the prisoners is killed.
  • Religion is brought up in any way.
  • Anyone says something crazy or perverted.
  • Important details are withheld.
  • You spot someone holding a torch or flare.
  • Ripley acts sick or is in pain.
  • Weapons are mentioned, mostly the lack of.
  • You spot bad CG, especially the alien.

Drinks for this game are mostly involving the inmates or Ripley, with a distinct lack of drinking for the alien. This all works out though because aside from randomly showing up and murdering someone the alien doesn’t really do all that much. With that in mind may as well watch a bunch of crazy people fend for their lives without any real weapons and have some drinks to the Alien 3 Drinking Game.