AlaBubba Drinking Game

The Alabubba Drinking Game is for all those Bart Simpson wannabes out there. For this game all you’ll really need is a phone and a computer. It supports any number of players but probably works best in smaller groups since only one person calls at a time. Basically it just entails calling random bars in Alabama and asking for “Bubba”. It’s pretty surprising how often it works out.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a phone, a computer or other device to look on google maps, and something to take shots of.

AlaBubba Rules

First you’re going to want to bring up Google Maps and bring up Alabama. Or just click HERE if you’re lazy. Then pick a random area in alabama and zoom it. Then search for bars and click the closest one to where you landed. Search up the bar and get the phone number.

Call up that number and ask the bartender if you can talk to “Bubba”.

  • If he passes the phone to a Bubba, take a shot.
  • If he asks “Which one?”, take two shots.
  • If the bartender himself is a Bubba, take three shots.

From here it’s your call, you can either enjoy your conversation with this dude or just hang up and let the next player give a bar a call. It works best if you call different bars in different areas to find out just how widespread this name is.


The AlaBubba drinking game is pretty ridiculous. But if lucks not on your side you can end up drinking a lot of alcohol fairly quickly so please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.