ADD IT UP Drinking Game Rules


The Add It Up drinking game can be especially cruel. So this is one of those games that’s better to start a party than end it. Basically what happens is a card is flipped and the next player needs to try and guess what that card, plus the next two, will add up to. Then if they’re wrong they drink the difference. This game works well with anywhere from 2-10 players.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a deck of cards, some drinks, and your best card counting skills.

How to Play the Add It Up Drinking Game

First a dealer needs to be chosen for this game. This is a good role for the DD or someone who doesn’t plan on doing a ton of drinking. They deal to their left and then turn order is clockwise.

The dealer flips 1 card over to show the guesser. The guesser than tries to guess what that card plus the next two cards will add up to.

Then the dealer flips those cards and the guesser drinks whatever the difference was. So if they guessed 27 and it actually totaled 14, that’s 13 drinks. (27 – 14 = 13).

For this game cards are worth their face value with a few exceptions. Jokers are worth 0, Jacks/Queens/Kings/Aces are worth 11.

Special Rules

  1. If all three cards flipped are the same color the amount the guesser has to drink is doubled.
  2. If all three cards flipped are the same exact suit the amount the guesser has to pound back their drink.
  3. If all three cards form a straight (2,3,4 or something like that) the guesser must finish their drink, open a second drink and finish that one too.
  4. If the guesser actually guesses the correct number the dealer must pound back a drink and then a new dealer is chosen. (If the dealer is staying sober just designate someone else to finish a drink).


As with all drinking games, but this one especially, please make sure to drink responsibly. The Add It Up drinking game is one of the heavier ones on our list so please take a break if you think you need one.