An Awesome 8 Mile Drinking Game

This 8-mile drinking game is for the film 8 mile which was starred and written by Eminem and loosely parallels his life before fame as a battle rapper. Throughout this movie Rabbit is faced with a slew of horrible luck as he slowly defeats the odds to become a dope rapper. The movie itself is full of drinking, swearing, smoking and rapping which is what makes is such a good movie to play a drinking game to.

Play this game with any amount of people you want. The more the merrier.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you’re going to need is the movie and some drinks.

8 Mile Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Rabbit takes off or puts up his hood
  • Anyone says “rabbit”
  • Someone calls rabbit white
  • Cheddar bob says or does something stupid
  • Someone talks about banging rabbits mom
  • Rabbit flips someone off
  • Rabbit says “Fuck You”
  • Anyone says “3-1-3”, including when it’s being chanted.

Finish what’s left of your drink whenever the title of the film gets name dropped. I believe this only happens 2 or 3 times throughout the movie.

Simple Version

Too many rules to follow and remember? Well then just drink every time someone swears in the movie instead. That will get ya drunk in no-time.

Get those drinks ready because the 8 mile drinking game should have you drunk enough to start considering yourself a battle rapper. We encourage everyone to try out their battle rapping skills at the end of this drinking game.

However like any drinking game this should be played with caution. If you feel like you have had enough or are approaching your limits take a breather. If you’re looking for more movies that make for wicked drinking games check out our Dazed and Confused drinking game!