52 Pickup Drinking Game

The 52 Pickup Drinking Game -

This drinking game was created by StudentDrinks. It’s pretty easy and is tons of drinking so we suggest playing with multiple players. Somewhere between 4 and 8 should work perfectly. This game is best played at home with a few friends.

What You’ll Need

First what you’ll need for this game two standard decks of 52 cards. Then 52 shot glasses or cups, plastic party cups work fine. Finally you want an array of different boozes. The alcohol can be anything you want but the stranger the better.

Set Up

Take one of the decks and lay each card out on the table face up so that they are all visible. Then place a cup on each card. Finally put a shot of alcohol into every cup.

After this done take the extra deck and lay all the cards out face down so that any player can reach them and grab whichever card they want.

How To Play the 52 Pickup Drinking Game

Play order is clockwise. On a players turn they simply flip a card from the extra deck of cards.

Then they find the shot glass that matches the card drawn and drink it up.

This game goes on until every shot on the table has been drank. Which is why we suggest at least 4 players otherwise it might be far too much drinking for 2 people.

If you’re a little hazy on the rules, or just want a quick video description, check out this handy video tutorial on the StudentDrinks Youtube Channel.

The 52 Pickup drinking game is awesome and very simple to understand. We suggest using as many wacky types of alcohol you can muster since a lot of them look the same and players won’t know what they are drinking until it’s too late.

As always though please make sure to drink responsibly. There’s no shame in passing your turn if you’re feeling woozy.