5 Most Unique and Interesting Drinks in Video Games

Games have the most unique and exciting take on real-world things. Whether it’s the mythical potions of The Witcher 3 or the energizing juices from Fortnite, they can make anyone want to try them. Since the dawn of modern GPU-accelerated gaming, game developers have used loads of fictional drinks in the storyline of games we love and enjoy while playing.

Whether they give us some specific magical power to fight demons or a significant health boost against our enemies. These drinks have been an entertaining part of our loved games. The following is the rundown list of the top 5 slushes that are worth mentioning while imagining these to see them in our local stores.

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Now, without further wait. Here is a rundown of the top 5 slushes worth mentioning while imagining them in our local stores.

1.    Slurp Juice from Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale game is on top of every famous gaming chart. This popularity is all because of the customization and entertainment this game offers.

Slurp juice is a consumable energy potion drink that has been a part of Fortnite since its debut in season 1. This sparkly blue watery drink helps the players to heal their wounds and fill their energy meters. It has the magical power to elevate players’ health by one HP every 0.5 seconds, which continues for 75HP. In a nutshell, it heals both the health and shield levels of players.

In every battle of Fortnite, players expect to take damage from enemy gunfire or even from falls without parachutes. It deteriorates the player’s health, and to continue his online multiplayer battle, he needs energy potions to continue his fight for chicken dinner.

Slurp is a hot-selling commodity and can be located easily on an open-world map in randomly located chests, limited supply air drops, and sparsely located vending machines. It takes a second or two to gulp down the energy cocktail. Players can only gulp down one slurp at a time. Tactically using the Slurp through patience and safe cover from enemies is ideal.

2.    Moonshine from Red Dead Redemption 2

The game, set in 1899, is all about scenic horse rides and action field tasks. The player observes the world through the life of an antihero Arthur. If playing online, players can perform tasks to build their RDR2 game account. Among the many complex features of the game, Rockstar introduces a moonshine energy potion. It offers players great relief by maximizing their Dead Eye meter. For the next 10 seconds, the player will not be spending any Dead Eye meter. It helps players to survive big gun battles longer.

But like every good thing, it also comes with a side effect. Enhanced gameplay of RDR-2 shows a state of drunkenness if the player consumes more moonshine beverages. So players are cautioned about health core damage if consumed heavily.

Gamers can acquire moonshine drinks in the Read Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 game against payment of 60$ at any doctor’s clinic. Per the player’s Honor and Fame level in the game, one can enjoy prices as low as $30 each. Moonshine also has a hidden side that allows players to use it as a fierce weapon in the form of a Fire bottle.

Moonshine potion is available at several locations within the game map. However, finding it can be tricky. Players can enjoy their moonshine at Chuparosa’s Doctor Clinic in Nuevo Paraiso or Manzanita Post’s General Store in West Elizabeth. Players must be aware that in the real world, moonshine is distilled alcohol, posing a powerful, adverse, and toxic health effect due to its ingredients and distillation manufacturing method. Let’s just keep it within the game.

3.    Thunderbolt from The Witcher 3

Developers introduced the game franchise’s energy potion in Witcher 2 and 3. Thunderbolt, like its name, gives players thundering short-lived effects that help players while countering evil forces. It provides players immense health benefits at the expense of increased blood toxicity levels which the player needs to manage strategically. It increases the damage to opponents by double but reduces players’ ability to dodge by 50%. So, the player needs to master targeted attacks.

This energy drink improves players’ attack power with Thunderbolt effects base duration of 30 seconds. The length of its qualities improves with players’ points in the skills category or alchemy skill series.

The Thunderbolt recipe is not easy, and Vesemir awards the potion during the ‘The Beast of White Orchard’ fight. After fulfilling all preparations for the battle with Griffin, the player gets the required crafting ingredients for this thundering energy potion. Kaer-Morhen’s combat also results similarly. Its secret ingredients include Dwarven spirit, Endrega embryo, and Cortinarius. Blizzard is another drink from the game featured in the Netflix series The Witcher.

4.    Sprunk from Grand Theft Auto

Sprunk is a spin-off version of our all-time favorite lime drink, i.e., Sprite by Coca-Cola. It’s a carbonated-lime beverage offering its fresh aura in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise of open-world games. Our relation to Sprunk dates back to the days of GTA-Vice City, where the Players can find the Sprunk vending machine at North Point Mall. However, players can not get the can from the vending machine but can get an energy boost perk from there.

After Vice City, it has been a successful brand in GTA San Andreas. Then in world bestselling GTA V. Owing to the open-world architecture of the GTA franchise, the drink was advertised over Radio, which players can listen to while driving their favorite car. The advertisement also reveals the formula. It is formulated from caffeine and sugar and has been mixed with mercury and ether to give a peculiar aroma to the players’ taste buds.

The green logo and color scheme indicate that it’s a parody spin-off of the Sprite brand. In GTA IV, the player can purchase the energy drink at a $1 price tag at a vending machine to replenish his health at the expense of an 800-calorie intake.

5.    Château Romani from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

This drink is a life savior. It has magical powers that heal the player’s heart and fill the energy meter. Moreover, this energy meter keeps players full of energy for the 3-day cycle. This drink is exclusively available at Romani Ranch. This power potion comes from expensive vintage milk from the ranch’s specifically bred cows.

Chateau Romani is quite expensive and is available against the hefty payment of 200 rupees.

This energy potion is specifically useful against fighting enemies like Twinmold. It makes the battle against Goht and Goron Race much easier, as these fights require extensive use of the magic meter.

Though people might say that Zelda is a children’s game today, one must be an adult member of the club to enjoy the high-priced energy drink, Chateau Romani.

Additional from the Past: Snow Brothers

Gamers would only call the list complete with at least one arcade game we all loved as kids. Snow Brothers has its essence in its multiplayer mode that we love to enjoy with our brothers and friends. This game gets its name from the player’s task of eliminating enemies by covering them in snow and rolling them like a snowball.

This game awards several different colored energy potions players can get while snowing and killing their enemies. These energy potions award players with multiple sets of short-lived capabilities, including.

  • Red Potion: It enhances the movability of the player by increasing his speed.
  • Blue Potion: Increase the snow amount that the player throws over its oval-shaped enemies. It makes it easier for players to eliminate their enemies swiftly.
  • Yellow Potion: It increases the players ‘throw distance’ of its snow-firing power. It lets players eliminate their enemies while staying at a safe distance.
  • Green Potion: It gives the player the power to inflate and fly like a balloon. During the flight, the player can kill enemies by touching them.

The Final Word on Video Game Drinks

Game developers make game drinks look gorgeous. The abilities that they give make you want to try one yourself. Boosts in energy, health, and eyesights are some ways developers make games enjoyable. We are not encouraging the use of alcohol, but some gamers have made the slush from Fortnite in real life. It can be a fascinating process. Others have tried to recreate Harry Potter’s Butterbeer with success. So why not have fun trying to make one yourself?