21 Aces Drinking Game

The 21 Aces Dice game is a pub drinking game involving a handful of dice and one unlucky player taking a shot. The game revolves around rolling aces (1s). As the game goes on players will have to pick, buy, then take a shot from the bar depending when they rolled their aces.


5 dice and some friends at a pub. Preferably somewhere where players can get some obscure booze to take a shot of.

21 Aces Drinking Game Rules

Players take turns rolling all the dice. Keeping count of the total number of aces everyone has rolled together. Players should roll in a clockwise order starting with whoever decided to play the game.

  • Whoever rolled the 7th ace gets to decide which drink to take a shot of from the bar.
  • Whoever rolls the 14th ace has to pay for it.
  • The player who rolls the 21st ace loses the game, and has to drink the shot.

After the 17th ace is rolled, every ace after wards is removed from the game until the 21st is rolled. This would mean the last roll should only have 1 die to get the ace.


The Twenty-One Aces Drinking Game is designed specifically to be played in pubs or bars, although it could be played at home too if you have enough booze selection available. It’s pretty low stakes and only results in a single shot for the loser so it won’t be all that much drinking. Either way make sure to drink responsibly.