2018 Winter Olympics Drinking Game

The 2018 Winter Olympics Drinking Game -

This Olympics takes place in PyeongChang in South Korea. With growing global tensions and the unification of the south and north korean athletes for certain events this one is sure to be interesting. So why not grab a few brews and try out our 2018 Winter Olympics Drinking Game? This game has players betting on which country they think will do well as well as individual communal drinks for each sport to keep things interesting.

Before you start the game…

Each player should pick 2 countries they want to win in these olympic games. The first one can be any country they choose, but the second one has to be a country that nobody else has chosen. To keep things fair players should randomize a turn order to pick countries.

2018 Winter Olympics Drinking Game Rules

Once players pick their countries they are ready to begin. At the end of each event if someone from one of their chosen countries gets a medal they get to give out drinks to other players.

  • Bronze – 1 drink
  • Silver – 2 drinks
  • Gold – 3 drinks
  • Take one drink yourself if neither of your chosen countries make the podium.

Individual Sport Drinking Rules

Drink once whenever any of these things happen during these specific sport categories



  • Someone misses a rifle shot


  • Anyone’s top speed reaches 145km/h (90mph)


  • Anyone’s top speed reaches above 120km/h (75 mph)


  • Anyone’s top speed reaches above 130km/h (80 mph)

Alpine Skiing

  • Someone crashes

Cross-country skiing

Ski Jumping

  • Anytime anyone falls on the landing


  • Someone bails


  • The team with the hammer doesn’t score points

Figure Skating

  • Someone stumbles their landing

Freestyle Skiing

  • Anyone falls

Ice Hockey

  • Anytime either team scores a goal

Nordic Combined

  • Anyone crashes

Speed Skating

  • Any kind of record is broken


Bonus Rule

  • Drink every time an announcer mentions the North and South Korean joint teams.


This 2018 Winter Olympics drinking game should be more than enough drinking depending on which event you decide to watch.