2018 Champions League Final Drinking Game

As the 2018 Champions League Final fast approaches we’ve created a drinking game to help you down a few drinks. After a crazy year of upsets for everyone it’s down to just Real Madrid and Liverpool. So pick a side if you haven’t already and get ready for the 2018 Champions League Final Drinking Game!


Just pick whichever side you’re rooting for and drink along to the drinking rules. Plus every player will be drinking whenever the announcer mentions certain things.

The 2018 Champions League Final Drinking Game

Real Madrid Drinking Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • Bale gets a shot on net
  • Real gets a free kick, corner kick or throw in
    • Drink again if Ronaldo is taking the kick
  • Ronaldo is offside
  • A Real Madrid chant starts up
  • There’s a shot of Zidane brooding

Take a big chug whenever

  • Ronaldo scores
  • Benzema gets an assist
  • Casmiro commits a foul
  • Real gets a penalty kick
  • A Liverpool player gets a card

Finish what’s left of your drink or take a shot whenever

  • Real Madrid Scores!
  • Real Wins the Game!


Liverpool Drinking Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • Mohamed Salah takes a shot
  • Lovren clears it
  • Lallana does a Cruyff turn
  • Klopp is seen laughing (This includes pre and post game interviews)
  • Liverpool gets a corner kick, free kick or throw in

Take a big chug whenever

  • Firmino gets an assist or goal
  • Liverpool gets a penalty kick
  • A Real Madrid player gets a card

Take a Shot or Finish Your Drink Whenever

  • Liverpool Scores!
  • Liverpool Wins the Game!


In addition to those everyone drink whenever the announcer mentions any of the following

  • That Liverpool hasn’t won since 2005
  • That Real is looking to repeat their win from last year
  • Any stat about La Liga or the Premiership


The 2018 Champions League final should have you drinking a lot regardless of which side of the fence you’re on. As with all drinking games it’s easy to get carried away so please make sure to drink responsibly.