10 Best Strategy Board Games

Games are great for relaxation. They help you forget and just immerse yourself in the new world. If you play alone, you can play PC games or poker at 22Bet. But if you play with friends and family, these games are your choice.


Scythe participants are heading to one of five nations seeking to achieve domination in Eastern Europe after the Great War. The player becomes the leader of one of the nations – Rusevet, Crimea, the North or Poland.

During expansion, clashes with other nations are inevitable. Successes in the development and victory in battles bring achievements that are marked by chips on the appropriate scale. When any of the factions receives 6 such marks, the game is completed. 

However, the goal of the round is not the number of achievements. The winner becomes the participant whose team reached economic power at the end of the party. 


One of the best team strategies, where teams must resist the development of epidemics of several diseases. Four dangerous infections were formed in the world, players become dispatchers, doctors, researchers, scientists, engineers. Other characters and additional scenarios appear in new additions. 

The spread of viral epidemics is controlled by a separate set of cards. However, in the player’s deck, there are also cards that can significantly accelerate the development of diseases. Player cards are used for conventional and special actions – displacements, treatment, research, creating vaccines, etc. 


The Civilization series is known for long play sessions and intense strategy. Each participant of the game becomes the leader of one of the great civilizations: Americans, Russians, Germans, Chinese, Romans, Egyptians. Each nation has only one city. Players need to build a strong state and reach vertices. 

During the game, you will have to: 

  • Open and explore new parts of the card; 
  • Produce and use resources; 
  • Build and develop cities; 
  • Capture territories and conquer the tribes; develop culture; 
  • Create an army and conduct battles, including other players. 


Monopoly is one of the old board games that has remained popular for decades. Since its appearance in 1933, it has captured the world. Today the audience of the game exceeds 500 million people, dozens of championships are held regularly. 

In this economic strategy, the participants of the game must become monopolists, buying areas of one group, utilities, or train stations. This allows you to increase the rent from other players. All actions in the game have only one goal – to ruin all the rivals and stay in the game the only winner. 

A Game of Thrones 

This game is based on the books of George Martin and saw the light shortly after the release of the series. The participants of the game become the leaders of the great houses of Westeros and seek to capture the throne. They can use everything to achieve this goal – from intrigue and diplomacy to military force. 


Catan is a classic board game in which you can play for years. Since the first version appeared in 1995, it has received many additions, turning into one of the most popular board games. Players take on the role of settlers who populate Catan Island. To achieve a goal, you will have to: 

  • Extract resources; 
  • Build settlements and roads, and develop cities; 
  • Trade with the bank and other participants; 
  • Reflect the attacks of robbers. 

Successful actions bring victory points. The one who succeeds to first score 10 points wins. 


It is another strategy that players consider classic. The game that appeared in 2000 is still the best in the genre of urban planning. The main task of the game is to develop your city. To do this, participants will have to: 

  • Build quarters;
  • Perform new roles to maximize their special properties; 
  • Implement the advantages that have already erected buildings;
  • Destroy the buildings of rivals;
  • Earn, steal, conquer, protect the golden stock, etc. 


Gloomhaven is a co-operative strategy game that can take multiple play sessions. Participants are playing for one of the 17 mercenaries whose task is to fulfill a series of missions in the ruins of the gloomy world. Each character has his motives, properties, history, and goals. The game is mostly co-operative, but the collisions of the interests of each participant of the team are not excluded, which adds sharpness and variability in the game process. 

The development of events is determined by the actions of each of the team members. The set of these actions is very diverse: 

  • Obtaining and executing individual tasks; 
  • Clashing with monsters; 
  • Pumping characters. 

Terraforming Mars 

Terraforming Mars is one of the best strategy games that has been in the top of the ratings since 2016. During the game, participants will have to become the colonists whose task is to create appropriate conditions for humanity on mars.

  • Raise the temperature on Mars; 
  • Saturate the atmosphere of the planet with oxygen; 
  • Create the oceans on the surface. 

With this game, you get lots of pros: 

  • A high level of involvement in the process of existing and fantastic scientific achievements; 
  • Mandatory interaction of all participants; 
  • Excellently thought out game process;
  • Understandable rules.


Bring your cloak and your magic hat! It’s time for magic, the legendary Wizarding Tournament is calling to test your power. And, as it turns out, witchcraft isn’t so easy. You’ll have to work your way up with combinations and strategies to win. But at the end, you can become the coolest wizard, no worse than Dumbledore.