Top 10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts That Won’t Sit In The Closet

Usually groomsmen gifts come in two flavors. Engraved drinking apparatuses or pocket knives. And if any of the groomsmen have been in multiple wedding parties they likely have already received both of those things as gifts. So we decided to come up with a list of more unique and fun ideas.

After a few nights of searching for gifts for my groomsmen that would stand out among the sea of engraved shot glasses I came up with what I think to be a list of the 10 best unique groomsmen gifts that won’t just collect dust on the shelf. Keep in mind this list is in no real order since these are all great options.

Beautiful Custom Watches

Price: 33$ each plus shipping.

Beautiful Wooden Engraved Watches Sold by Cosvog on Amazon

This is a nice blend between personal and useful. Everyone likes to sport a nice watch and these ones not only look great but can also have the names of the groomsmen engraved right on them.

Engraved Hatchets

Price: 24.99$ each plus shipping.

Ideal for all the campers out there. These are both high-quality and elegant. Plus I can’t even count the number of times I’ve arrived at a camping site only to realize I’ve forgotten to bring anything to cut wood and have to borrow a hatchet from a neighbor.

Engraved Hatchets by My Personal Memories on Amazon

Whiskey Stones

Price: 29.99$ (for a set of 9) plus shipping.

These are great and also fairly cheap. At only 30$ for a set of 9 stones this is the single cheapest option on the list. Even at that price tag you can still rest assured that you’re going to get some quality stones that remind the groomsmen of you’re awesome wedding every time they finish a glass of whiskey.

Beatiful Personalized Whiskey Stones Sold By My Personalized Memories on Amazon

Engraved Water Bottles

Tired of giving gifts that always relate to either booze or camping? These great looking customizable water bottles are a good option for any active members of your party. Plus you can rest assured that this is something great that will actually get used.

These great quality water bottles sold by Factory Enova

Life-Like Groomsmen Bobble Heads!

Now this one will probably sit on the shelf somewhere but at least it will look hilarious doing so! This one is an amazing conversational piece and you can rest assured that everyone will love their own custom bobble heads.

Groomsmen Bobbleheads sold by Dolls4u on Etsy

Wallet Sized Multi-Tool

This one is designed to fit comfortably in your wallet and has multiple functions. It’s also personalizable if you want to add a little uniqueness to each gift. So for those who prioritize function above all else this is an awesome choice.

Brilliant Wallet Do It All sold by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized Whiskey Bottles

Price: 3-4$ per label, 20$ per bottle.

This is a great idea in the middle price range. The bottles themselves aren’t that expensive but you’ll want to fill them up too. So it really depends what kind of booze you’re willing to shell out for your boys. What you do is order a few labels, place them on some bottles of your choosing, then you’re good t go!

Crisp custom whiskey labels sold by Personalization Mall

EE Cummings Directional Magnetic Compass

These are for the real woodsmen in your party. Although they’re not very personalized like a lot of the other options on this list they’re definitely going to stand out. They’re a bit more expensive at 60$ a pop but they’re crucial for anyone who loves to camp or hike.

Directional Compass by EE Cummings sold on Amazon

An All-Encompassing Groomsmen Box

Not sure what to get? Well then just grab a groomsmen box! It comes with a mug, a drink holder, a cigar cutter, a bottle opener and some snazzy Groomsmen sunglasses. So even if you aren’t sure what exactly your groomsmen want you’ll be sure they’ll find something they love in here.

Groomsmen box sold by Kate Aspen on Amazon

Pig-Skin’s Just For Him

This is something anyone would proudly show off at any and every bbq or super bowl party. These footballs come with custom names right on them and make a fantastic gift.

Pigskins for him by

On a tight budget? Why not try and and build your own Explosion Box!Here’s a simply guide on How To Make An Explosion Box.

That about wraps it up for what we think are the top 10 most unique groomsmen gifts around. If there’s anything you think should be on this list that we left out feel free to let us know on our contact form. Cheers!