Wisest Wizard

Wisest Wizards

The Wisest Wizard Drinking Game is less of a game and more of an all night drinking challenge. It’s best played at a cabin or somewhere that you don’t have to worry as much about spill damage because there will be a lot of it. Basically every time a player finishes a beer he tapes it to his next one, creating a large staff of beers over time. For this game it’s essential to ensure everyone is drinking out of cans. Nothing else will really work for this. Make sure you get ample amounts of duct tape because as the night goes on you’ll find it harder and harder to administer duct tape correctly. Personally I like to make sure to get some outlandish duct tape from the local dollar store.

Wisest Wizards



Canned beer and Duct Tape.

Wisest Wizard Rules:

Every time a player opens a new beer he must tape it to his previous empty beer can, thus creating a large staff of beers over time. Players cannot remove their beers from the staff. At the end of the night the player with the largest staff is deemed the wisest wizard. Toast to his glory since he is probably passed out and can’t do it himself.


Wisest Wizard is a great way to liven up any party. Alternatively players can decide to make anything they want out of their beer cans instead of just staves. Personally I find the only downside of this game is the clean up. Beyond the inevitable spills of fallen staves there’s also the hassle of removing all the tape after. But hey every good party deserves an awful hungover cleanup.


I’d recommend Wisest Wizard to anyone who just wants to add a bit of zip to their next party. It truly is a good way to get people laughing and enjoying themselves. Plus it’s always fun seeing the a drunk man slur at you with a tower of beers in hand.