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  • Pacman Drinking Game -

    PacMan Drinking Game

    This PacMan Drinking game works with any version of PacMan that takes places on a 2D screen chasing ghosts around. (Sorry Pac Man 3D World, we’d rather forget about you). Whether you’re playing single player or multiplayer this game should work just fine. The basic premise of this drinking game is player have to drink […] More

  • Buck Hunter Drinking Game -

    Buck Hunter Drinking Game

    The reason we decided to create a Buck Hunter drinking game is because these arcade machines seem to always find a home at the local pub. Buck Hunter games are usually pretty straight forward. Menu opens up to some hot bimbo in camouflaged clothes telling you to shoot the start button. From there you just […] More

  • Skyrim Drinking Game -

    Skyrim Drinking Game

    Our Skyrim drinking game is a solo drinking game for anyone playing Skyrim. It can also be played by watching any online streamers on twitch who are playing Skyrim. For those who don’t know Skyrim is a massive open world rpg game, with nearly limitless things to do. So we figured if you’re going to […] More

  • Minecraft Drinking Game -

    Minecraft Drinking Game

    Minecraft is an incredible game that spawned a large number of similar games out of just how  innovative it is. The game is a simple process of combining blocks to form other types of blocks. Our Minecraft drinking game takes a regular game of Minecraft and makes it much harder through a few simple drinking […] More

  • The Gang Beasts Drinking Game -

    Gang Beasts Drinking Game

    For those that have never played it, Gang Beasts makes for the perfect drinking game. The characters already move like they’re drunk so why not join them? Players duke it out trying to throw their floppy limbs around and toss the opposing players into pits, fires, subway trains, meat grinders, etc… Our Gang Beasts drinking […] More

  • The League of Legends drinking game -

    League of Legends Drinking Game

    League of Legends is consistently one of the most popular games both for players and for spectators. There’s massive global tournaments and it’s developed a huge following. But sometimes you want to just kick back and enjoy yourself and that’s what the League of Legends drinking game is all about. LoL is a MOBA (Multiplayer […] More

  • The Hearthstone Drinking Game -

    Hearthstone Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for blizzard’s hit turn based card game, Hearthstone. the game generally opens with two heroes facing off trying to use their cards to drain their opponents life points from 30 to 0. Our Hearthstone drinking game makes things interesting by causing players to take a few drinks between rounds and impair […] More

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