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    Thunderstruck Drinking Game

    The Thunderstruck Drinking Game is a great party starter. What could be a better way to get things moving then downing a few beers listening to this AC/DC classic? Basically what this game entails is players chugging beers after the word “Thunder” is mentioned in the song, and they can’t stop until it’s mentioned again. […] More

  • Titanic Drinking Game - the

    Titanic Drinking Game

    This one is fairly simple and is a great drinking game to play at a pub or anywhere they serve beer. Basically the goal of the Titanic drinking game is to pour some beer into the shot glass without sinking it. What You’ll Need For this game you’ll need three things. A large pint glass, […] More

  • High Noon Drinking Game -

    Buffalo Drinking Game

    This game is more of an all around party rule than an actual game. The Buffalo drinking game is simple; Just drink with your non dominant hand. Set Up There isn’t much set up to this game other than letting everyone know they’re playing Buffalo. It’s a bit unfair to call someone out on breaking […] More

  • High Noon Drinking Game -

    High Noon Drinking Game

    This game is for those looking for something a little more active than beer pong but still wanna enjoy the summer weather. The High Noon Drinking Game is reminiscent of old western style pistol duels. It’s typically played 1 versus 1, but if a lot of players want to get in on it they can […] More

  • Wikipedia Drinking Game -

    The Wikipedia Drinking Game

    This Wikipedia Drinking Game involves players trying to find a specific randomized page on wikipedia from another randomized page. Basically players just need to drink every click until it’s achieved. Then everyone remembers their scores and the loser drinks some more. This game is great for all those out there who love a good Wikipedia […] More

  • How To Shotgun a Beer Properly -

    How to Shotgun a Beer Properly

    A lot of people don’t know how to shotgun a beer properly. So we created this quick and easy guide to let people know how exactly to do it without looking like a doofus and spilling all over yourself. What You’ll Need For this method you’re going to need a canned beer. Bottles simply won’t […] More

  • Bite the Bag Drinking Game -

    Bite The Bag Rules

    Ever wish you could play a drinking game that only requires a paper bag? Probably not. But here it is anyway. The Bite the Bad Rules are pretty easy to follow along with. The basic goal of the game is to pick-up the paper bag with your mouth without toppling over like an idiot. Easier […] More

  • Facebook Feed Drinking Game -

    The Facebook Feed Drinking Game

    For those of us who are getting a little weary off filtering through our friends political opinions and pictures of their babies, we decided to create the Facebook Feed drinking game. This game is mostly played individually but players can play in large groups as well as long as everyone is drinking to the same […] More

  • Beer Darts -

    Beer Darts

    Beer darts is a drinking game that involves throwing metal darts at beer cans. This game is best played outside because there’s definitely going to be some spillage. The goal of the game is to get your opponent to pound his beer before you finish yours. What You’ll Need For this game you’ll need a […] More

  • Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game -

    Edward 40 Hands Rules

    For those unfamiliar or too old to get the reference, the name “Edward 40 Hands” come from the 1990 film “Edward Scissorhands” where the main character played by Johnny Depp lives his life with scissors instead of hands. This drinking game mirrors that as you try and figure out how to navigate a party with […] More

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