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    Whizz Boing Bounce Drinking Game Rules

    If you’re goal is to get confused and end up drinking than the Whizz Boing Bounce drinking game will do the trick. The game revolves around passing around an imaginary ball and making noises to determine who goes next. Depending which you choose “Whizz”, “Boing” or “Bounce” determines who goes next and in which direction. […] More

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    Vegetable Drinking Game

    This game is pretty easy to play and understand. Basically everyone gets a Vegetable name and then players must go around addressing other players by their vegetable without showing their teeth. The vegetable drinking game sounds easy at face value but it’s a lot harder than you think to talk without showing your teeth. This […] More

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    Umbrella Drinking Game

    The idea of the Umbrella drinking game is that it only works if not too many people know the rules. So there needs to be some oblivious people in the room for there to be any drinking. So if it’s your first time playing make sure only 1 player reads through the rules and the […] More

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    Slaps Drinking Game Rules

    The confusing game of Slaps involves players interlocking their arms around a table and then slapping the correct arm when the one next to them is slapped. It’s fairly easy to play and doesn’t require any extra supplies like cards or dice. It works with any number of players but you want more than 2 […] More

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    Signs Drinking Game

    The Signs drinking game is somewhat similar to the game Thumper. In this game everyone picks a sign and then has to call other players by their sign or drink for failing. It’s generally played to a song of the groups choosing so make sure to pick something with a good steady beat like “we […] More

  • The Bear Paw Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Animal Drinking Game

    The Animal drinking game is similar in a lot of ways to the classic Name Game. Except for in this version players say the names of animals instead of people so it tends to end a lot quicker. The idea of this game is players take turns saying the name of an animal and then […] More

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