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  • SVEN

    Prime Numbers Drinking Game

    This is a drinking game for people who are into quick math. Not everyone likes to do a lot of thinking while they’re drinking, but for those that do the Prime Numbers drinking game is a great fit. It’s pretty simple, players go around saying the next number in sequence and if it’s prime they […] More

  • Numerals

    Poo-Bum-Dickie Rules

    Poo-Bum-Dickie is a roman numeral drinking game that doesn’t require anything other than the ability to count up to 39 in roman numerals . It’s a vocal drinking game that works with anywhere from 2-10 players sitting around in a circle. If you don’t know how roman numerals work we included a short table at […] More

  • in

    Ooblie Dooblie Drinking Game

    You know a drinking game is going to get out of hand when it involves Glitter, a Glue Stick and alcohol. This is the case with the Ooblie Dooblie drinking game. This game has higher stakes than most drinking games since the loser of each round ends up with some glitter glued to their face. […] More

  • in

    Name Game Drinking Game

    The Name Game is a pretty classic verbal game that’s been turned into a drinking game. The premise is simple, a player says a name (must be a real person) and the next player must say another name who’s first name starts with the first letter of the last last name said. Whoever fails or […] More

  • in

    Lasers Drinking Game

    This game is really easy to grasp but also easy to mess up and wind up drinking. Like a lot of other vocal games this one is about performing a simple task and drinking if you mess it up. The Lasers drinking game is all about quick thinking which only gets harder with each passing […] More

  • Indian Drinking Game

    Bongo Drinking Game

    This game is also sometimes known as the Indian drinking game, but for the sake of not being Cleveland levels of ignorant we’re going to go with the Bongo drinking game. The object of the game is to follow a simple drum beat while trying to remember everyone’s chosen hand sign. No words of any […] More

  • in

    What the Fuck Drinking Game

    For the fans of swearing out there, there’s always the What the Fuck drinking game. This is a vocal drinking game in which every player gets a “fuck name” and must chant out other players fuck-names. Any mess up causes a drink. What You’ll Need Since this is only a vocal drinking game all you […] More

  • 15Ish

    Fifteen Drinking Game

    This game is basically a slightly simpler version of the drinking game Cheers to the Governor. The way the Fifteen Drinking Game works is that players take turns saying the next number in sequence until someone reaches fifteen and gets to substitute a number with an action. Then it all starts over again. If anyone […] More

  • German Vocal Drinking Game

    Deutsche Erotica Drinking Game

    Don’t ask why there’s a drinking game named after German porn; we don’t know either. The Deutsche Erotica drinking game is a vocal drinking game where players go around in a circle doing certain actions and trying not to mess it up. This game works with anywhere from 4-10 players. What You’ll Need Your beautiful […] More

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