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  • Cardinal Puff Rules - the chuggernauts

    Cardinal Puff Rules

    Before continuing to read these Cardinal Puff rules you should know that only official Cardinals are supposed to know how to play. So the way most people play the game is by learning from other Cardinals and figuring it out themselves. To figure out how to play from other means like reading this upcoming rule […] More

  • Bouncing Ball Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Bouncing Ball Drinking Game

    The Bouncing Ball drinking game is a word based game in which players pass around an imaginary ball by uttering some simple phrases. It’s easy to play but not quite as easy as it sounds. The loser of the game ends up drinking the rest of their drink. What You’ll Need For this game all […] More

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    Two Truths and a Lie Rules

    These Two Truths and a Lie Rules have players coming up with believable lies and unbelievable truths. The general object of the game is to fool other players. One player comes up with two true stories and one fake one, and then the other players must decide which one is the fake story. This game […] More

  • Drinking Games For One Person -

    I Went to the Market

    This game is great for anyone who thinks they have a pretty good memory. Which is usually nobody after a few beers. The basic principal of the game is just to remember what everyone got, and in what order, before adding an item to the list yourself. The I Went to the Market drinking game […] More

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    How’s Yours

    The How’s Yours drinking game is easy to play and works with any size group of people. Basically players just come up with an item and the guesser has to figure out what it is by asking people “How’s Yours”? It’s a great game to get the ball rolling at any type of drinking event. […] More

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    Zuma Zuma Drinking Game

    The Zuma Zuma drinking game reuqires players to chant and follow a simple beat of “stomp-stomp-clap-clap”. It’s similar to games like Whales Tales although a touch less confusing. Still might take a couple rounds to get the hang of it so we suggest giving players a dry run or two before starting the game. This […] More

  • Whales Tales Drinking Game -

    Whales Tales Drinking Game

    As far as vocal drinking games go this one can be pretty confusing at first. But once players get the swing of it, it’s a great time. This is probably one of those games that go along smoother if you start it off before everyone is three sheets to the wind. The Whales Tales drinking […] More

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    Buzz Drinking Game

    Buzz is a drinking game for people who love the idea of watching their friends mess up an easy task. It’s a vocal drinking game and can support any number of players from 3-10. It really doesn’t matter how many players are playing but the more the merrier. If players are finding it too easy […] More

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