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  • 1-2 Switch Drinking Game

    1-2-Switch Drinking Game

    Like many of Nintendo’s flagship games designed to show off the functionality of their new console, 1-2-Switch makes for the perfect drinking game. Since this game is a massive series super simple minigames which is perfect for drinking just make sure to not get too lost in the experience and drop your joycon. Our 1-2-switch […] More

  • OverCooked

    OverCooked Drinking Game

    What makes the OverCooked drinking game so great is that it relies heavily on cooperation. So if one of your team mates messed up, guess what? You’re all drinking. So grab some drinks and get ready to get incredibly flustered and buzzed all at the same time. For those that have never played this game […] More

  • Guitar Hero Drinking Game

    Rock Band Drinking Game

    This has got to be one of the funnest games you can play while drunk. That being said it’s almost impossible to drink while you’re in the middle of a song so most of the drinking during the rock band drinking game comes after or before songs depending on your performance. This game works best […] More

  • The XCOM Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    XCOM Drinking Game

    This XCOM drinking game works with any XCOM game since they all use a lot of the same features. If you haven’t played it before the XCOM series are tactical RPG games that are pretty well known for being difficult and have really unforgiving perma-death mechanics. So grab a drink and drown those sorrows as […] More

  • The Super Metroid Drinking Game

    Super Metroid

    Although this game was made for Super Metroid (the best one, fight me) it should work just fine with basically any of the games in the franchise. It punishes players for making mistakes like wasting missiles and there’s also some celebratory drinking for key moments like defeating bosses or finding energy tanks. What You’ll Need […] More

  • The Battletoads Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Battletoads Drinking Game

    The Battletoads drinking game will have players drinking to this increasingly frustrating side scrolling beat-em-up. These games are either one or two players, but if more people want to join in the drinking game they can just take turns per life or continue. So get ready to get increasingly frustrated as you constantly fail at […] More

  • in

    The Touhou Drinking Game

    For those unaware Touhou Project is a series of japanese bullet-hell style video games. There’s tons of them so just pick whichever you prefer, any will work. Basically these games just put you in a ship while 1000s of bullets fly your way and you have to duck and weave your way to the inevitable […] More

  • Tetris Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Tetris Drinking Game

    This Tetris Drinking Game should work with any of the many versions and remasters of this game. At this point the game basically exists on every platform you could imagine so it should be easy to find a copy of it somewhere. This game involves players taking turns playing Tetris so it works best with […] More

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