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    Sex Master Drinking Game Rules

    As you might have guess, the Sex Master drinking game is more for players who are down for anything. Not the best option for your next guys night. But if you’re looking for something a little more naughty than this might be the game for you. Basically the game just entails rolling a couple dice […] More

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    The drinking game called Dice is one of the least creatively named drinking games ever made. It plays out a bit similar to 3-Man. Basically players just take turns rolling the two dice and drink accordingly. This game works with any number of players but i find is best with around 4 or 5. Depending […] More

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    Skull and Dice Drinking Game

    The Skull and Dice drinking game is fast paced and can be a lot of drinking for those of us who have trouble remembering all the drinking rules. So before the game starts make sure each player has a clear understanding of the rules so that nobody is accidentally breaking them and being penalized by […] More

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    Pinky McDrinky Rules

    Pinky McDrinky is a drinking game where people try to match the pink die to give out drinks. Of course if you do not have a pink die handy any die will do as long as it’s identifiable from the others. This game works well with any sized group of people as long as you […] More

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    German Schock Drinking Game

    The German Schock Drinking Dice Game, (or Shock) is similar to Yahtzee or poker in that players compete to see who has the highest value each round. This game works for as many people as you want but you’ll need at least 2 players. This game takes place in two distinct rounds where players earn […] More

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    Jerry’s Kids Drinking Game

    The object of the Jerry’s Kids drinking game is to finish three shotglasses and place them face down on the table before the roller can roll doubles. It plays out sort of like the game Sevens, Elevens and Doubles. This game requires at least two players but can work with larger groups as well. What […] More

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    21 Aces Drinking Game

    The 21 Aces Dice game is a pub drinking game involving a handful of dice and one unlucky player taking a shot. The game revolves around rolling aces (1s). As the game goes on players will have to pick, buy, then take a shot from the bar depending when they rolled their aces. Requirements 5 […] More


    Mexican Dice Drinking Game

    Mexican, not to be confused with the popular dice game Mexicali, is a game where players compete to get the highest score with two dice. So players on their turn roll two dice and then choose whether to roll again or to hold their number. This game is mostly luck based and works with any […] More

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