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  • Dimes -

    Dimes Drinking Game

    The Dimes drinking game is somewhat of a more frustrating version of quarters. Rather than trying to land your coin in a cup, you’re trying to land it on top of one. So no matter how good you think you are at quarters, this will not be an easy task. What You’ll Need For this […] More

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    Chuckies Drinking Game

    The Chuckies drinking game is a 1v1 drinking game where players race to see who can get more of their coins into the opponents glass in a short time limit. It’s sort of like that basketball game at arcades where players try to sink more balls than their opponent in an allotted time. What You’ll […] More

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    Coin Toss Drinking Game

    The coin toss drinking game requires little more than a handful of coins and a few pint glasses. It’s best played with as many people as you can gather. Too few and the game won’t be very interesting. This game often leads to a spill or two so it’s probably best to play it in […] More

  • Ice Tray Drinking Game -

    Ice Tray Drinking Game

    This game is pretty easy to set up and play, but the real fun comes when a player messes up and drinks his own shot. The Ice Tray drinking game is a great variant on the classic Quarters that makes things a little more interesting by utilizing all the spaces in an ice tray. This […] More

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    Bloody Knuckles Rules

    This game is not always played as a drinking game but with just how ridiculous it is, you should probably be drinking. These bloody knuckles rules are not for the faint of heart so only go into this game if you have a high pain tolerance. The goal in this game is to spin a […] More

  • Pence Drinking Game -

    Pence Drinking Game

    For those unaware, One Pence is the British equivalent of One Penny or One Cent. This drinking game is one of the oldest recorded probably because it’s so easy to play. Basically the objective is simply to guard your drink lest you find one pence in it. What you’ll need A coin of any type. […] More

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    Flip, Sip or Strip Rules

    Flip, Sip or Strip is a drinking game for those who simply wanna get drunk and naked. Which really is the mark of a successful night isn’t it? This game is so easy it should be criminal, It only requires one coin of any kind and a few drinks. The real kicker of this game […] More

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    Arrogance Drinking Game

    The Arrogance Drinking Game is beautiful in it’s simplicity. How much you drink is pretty much dependent on how arrogant you are, and we all know what alcohol does to raise arrogance. Requirements All that’s needed to play this game is drinks for each player, a coin, and an empty pint glass Set Up Players […] More

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    Landmines Drinking Game

    The Landmines Drinking game is pretty simple and all it requires is some coins and beers. Which everyone should have handy. It also requires a table that’s cleared off to start but will soon be littered with beer cans. Requirements Coins, Drinks in cans or bottles, two shot glasses and a table with enough room […] More

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    Anchorman Drinking Game

    The Anchorman Drinking Game is one of the simplest ones around and it’s also a huge amount of drinking. Perfect for any group of people who would rather just get on with the drinking then sit around all day explaining and re-explaining rules to all the guests.   Requirements: A pitcher and six quarters. Summary: […] More

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    Spoof Drinking Game

    Traditionally played in pubs or bars, the Spoof Drinking Game (also known as the Three Coin drinking game) is simple and to the point. All players need is a handful of coins of any denomination and they’re good to go. Traditionally this game is played in pubs because it’s used to determine who is buying […] More

  • Moose Drinking Game -

    Moose Drinking Game

    The Moose Drinking Game ( also known as Caribou )  is a variation on the classic quarters that uses an ice cube tray. It’s a great an easy game to play, and one of the more exciting ways to get the party moving. Basically players sit in a circle trying to land the quarter in […] More

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