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    Cup Stacking Drinking Game

    The idea of this game is to emulate the popular Speed Stacking except with much more drinking involved. Bascially players will start with 15 solo cups with a bit of booze in each of them, then they must drink them each one by one and place the drank cups upside down on the table in […] More

  • Partee

    Task Master Drinking Game Rules

    Task Master is a drinking game that’s commonly played in bars or clubs, or at least someone with a lot of strangers so that everyone can embarrass themselves. It’s a great way to ensure that it’s going to be a night you’ll remember. The basics of the game is that one person is a task […] More

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    Taps Drinking Game

    The Taps drinking game is one of the easiest ones you’ll ever find. Plus all it requires is that each player has a coin and is sitting around a table. The basic object of the game is to not mess up. Players take turns tapping the table, once for left and twice for right. First […] More

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    Slaps Drinking Game Rules

    The confusing game of Slaps involves players interlocking their arms around a table and then slapping the correct arm when the one next to them is slapped. It’s fairly easy to play and doesn’t require any extra supplies like cards or dice. It works with any number of players but you want more than 2 […] More

  • Flip Cup

    Survivor Flip Cup Rules

    This game is a simple variation on the classic flip cup. Basically what separates Survivor Flip Cup is at the end of each round the losing team must elect a player to be removed from the team. (often chopping off the weakest link). Which results in more and more drinking for the remaining team members […] More

  • 1-2 Switch Drinking Game

    Our 10 Favorite Nintendo Switch Drinking Games

    As avid fans of drinking and video games we thought it’s about time we publish our list of favorite drinking games for the Nintendo Switch. Basically every Nintendo system has been a great catalyst for drinking games for one simple reason: ridiculously fun local multiplayer! These Nintendo Switch drinking games are a great way to […] More

  • The Bomberman Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Bomberman Drinking Game

    This Bomberman drinking game is designed to work with any of the “standard” bomberman games such as Super Bomberman, Bomberman R etc… Basically any of the top down classic ones where the goal is to drop bombs on a grid and outsmart your opponents. What You’ll Need A bomberman game for any system and some […] More

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    The Justin Trudeau Drinking Game

    If you’re the kind of person who needs a drink or two to stomach another pandering political speech than this Justin Trudeau drinking game should make things a little easier. For the most part anyone playing this game will be drinking for the expected tropes like his constant reminders of inequality and his need to […] More

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