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  • The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game -

    The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

    The Big Bang Theory follows a group of physicists in their daily lives as they slowly and awkwardly maneuver their way through social situations. Our Big Bang theory drinking game focuses on all the geek tropes this show abuses all the time. Basically any nerdy thing you could imagine, this cast is obsessed with. What […] More

  • High Noon Drinking Game -

    Buffalo Drinking Game

    This game is more of an all around party rule than an actual game. The Buffalo drinking game is simple; Just drink with your non dominant hand. Set Up There isn’t much set up to this game other than letting everyone know they’re playing Buffalo. It’s a bit unfair to call someone out on breaking […] More

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    Blitzed Poker – The Ultimate Poker Drinking Game

    This Poker Drinking Game takes the classic 5 card draw poker and adds some interesting drinking rules. Why gamble with money when you can gamble with your liver? This drinking game substitutes some classic gambling rules for drinking rules, making it play out a little differently than traditional poker games. What You’ll Need What you’ll […] More

  • RuPaul's Drag Race Drinking Game -

    RuPaul’s Drag Race Drinking Game

    Our RuPaul’s drag race drinking game has players drinking to this american reality competition. The show sort of plays out like a version of Americas Next Top Model except all the competitors are in drag. So needless to say there’s tons of drama and contestants throwing shade, which is exactly why this makes for the […] More

  • High Noon Drinking Game -

    High Noon Drinking Game

    This game is for those looking for something a little more active than beer pong but still wanna enjoy the summer weather. The High Noon Drinking Game is reminiscent of old western style pistol duels. It’s typically played 1 versus 1, but if a lot of players want to get in on it they can […] More

  • Scandal Drinking Game -

    Scandal Drinking Game

    For those unaware Scandal is a fictional drama about Olivia Pope and her constant presidential scandals. From elections to full out wars this show constantly tries to one-up itself. Which makes it a great candidate for a drinking game! The Scandal Drinking Game will have players drinking for all the tropes of this series like […] More

  • Wikipedia Drinking Game -

    The Wikipedia Drinking Game

    This Wikipedia Drinking Game involves players trying to find a specific randomized page on wikipedia from another randomized page. Basically players just need to drink every click until it’s achieved. Then everyone remembers their scores and the loser drinks some more. This game is great for all those out there who love a good Wikipedia […] More

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    10 Best Drinking Card Games of All Time

    Through our vast collection of drinking card games we have filtered out what we believe to be the 10 best drinking games of all time, and believe us when we say we did enough testing to be sure. These include a lot of classics but also a lot of unique games we think everyone should […] More

  • The Super Troopers Drinking Game -

    Super Troopers Drinking Game

    The cult classic comedy Super Troopers follows a bunch of half-ass highway cops as they bumble their way into some serious trouble. These jagoffs quickly need to become professionals or risk losing their jobs This drinking game will have players drinking for all the crazy nonsense these troopers get up to. With all the shenanigans […] More

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    Bloody Hell Drinking Game

    The Bloody hell drinking game is one of the easier ones to pull out at a party because it only requires a single die and the rules are pretty straight forward. Requirements All that’s needed for this game is a single die and some drinks. Plus some very basic math skills. Bloody Hell Drinking Game […] More

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