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  • Captain Dickhead

    Captain Dickhead Drinking Game Rules

    The Captain Dickhead drinking game is similar to games like Kings except that this game also has one player that won’t have to follow any of the rules and can basically do whatever they want. Plus as players draw cards and carry out their actions they place the cards onto a cup full of booze, […] More

  • German Vocal Drinking Game

    Deutsche Erotica Drinking Game

    Don’t ask why there’s a drinking game named after German porn; we don’t know either. The Deutsche Erotica drinking game is a vocal drinking game where players go around in a circle doing certain actions and trying not to mess it up. This game works with anywhere from 4-10 players. What You’ll Need Your beautiful […] More

  • Stanley Cup Drinking Game 2018 - the chuggernauts

    2018 Stanley Cup Final Drinking Game

    As the 2018 Stanley Cup Final quickly approaches we decided it would be a good idea to make a drinking game for the occasion. This year puts up two teams who have never taken home the cup; the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Let’s be honest, none of us saw this coming. […] More

  • Drunk Sad Conan

    Conan O’Brien Drinking Game

    This Conan O’Brien drinking game was made primarily for his talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien but it would work just fine with any of his previous talk shows. Basically anything that him, Andy Richter, and his musical group. All you need to do is grab a drink and drink whenever any of the […] More

  • in

    Depth Charge Drinking Game

    The Depth Charge drinking game is an easy game that’s fun to play at bars or anywhere you can get your hands on a pitcher of beer. What you do is float a shot glass or small glass in the pitcher and players take turns pouring into the glass. Whoever sinks it must chug the […] More

  • The Cops and Robbers drinking game - the chuggernauts

    Cops and Robbers

    The Cops and Robbers drinking game is a simple card game where one player winds up as the cop, another a robber, and the rest are just civilians. The robber tries to wink at another player discreetly as the cop now tries to guess who the robber was. Incorrect guesses cause the cop to drink […] More

  • It's Always Sunny Drinking Game -

    Categories Drinking Game Rules

    The Categories drinking game is a word drinking game that is often used as a mini-game within some other card drinking games like Kings or Circle of Death. This game is one where a player chooses a category such as “Car Manufacturers” or “Types of cereal” and then players go around in turn trying to […] More

  • Smells like Bullshit

    Bullshit Drinking Game

    The Bullshit drinking game is a version of Pyramid with an added bluffing element. In this game cards are flipped in the central pyramid and if their card comes up they can pass out the matching card to a player to make them drink. The fun part about this game is that you can lie […] More

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