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    Black Dynamite Drinking Game

    Malt Liquor Drinking Game

    If you’re looking for a movie that’s packed to the brim with tongue in check 70s style blaxploitation tropes than Black Dynamite is the movie. This hilarious mock on the classic genre takes stereotyping to a whole new level. With just how often these movie tropes come up we just had to make the Black Dymaite drinking game. The rules pretty much write themselves!

    This drinking game works with any amount of players so the more the merrier. All you need to do is read the drinking rules and whenever any of them come up take a sip. (Which is very often). If you to get into the real spirit of the movie grab a couple 40s of malt liquor.

    What You’ll Need

    The 2009 film Black Dynamite and some drinks. Make sure to keep those drinks close by because you’re going to need em’.

    Black Dynamite Drinking Game Rules

    Take a drink whenever you hear any of the following 70s slang terms

    • Turkey
    • Can you dig it? (or I can dig it.)
    • Cat(s)
    • Brother(s)
    • Jive

    Take a drink whenever anyone says “Dynamite” including being sung in the background

    Take a drink whenever someone breaks the fourth wall like an obvious actor switch or a boom mic becomes visible

    Take a drink for every person who gets tossed out of a window

    Take another sip for every time you see someone take a sip of malt liquor

    Take a drink for every time someone gets tossed out of a window



    If you’ve seen this movie before you’ll know just how intense this drinking game is going to be. Especially since every refers to Black Dynamite by name every time he’s in a conversation. Plus if you watch close enough you’ll see just how often this movie breaks the fourth wall. So make sure you plan accordingly and please drink responsibly. No sense in getting yourself hurt over a drinking game. Cheers!


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    Crank: High Voltage Drinking Game

    This movie is a sequel to the cult classic Crank. It basically follows the same premise except this time Chev gets a temporary heart and must continuously shock himself instead of seeking out adrenaline rushes. This movie one-ups it’s predecessor in every way. It’s even more ridiculous, there’s even more racial stereotypes and the stunts are that much crazier. So we had to make a Crank: High Voltage drinking game that kicks it up as well.

    For this drinking game players will have to drink for all the crazy stuff that happens all over this film like the full body tourettes or Chelios shocking himself to get his heart beating again. If you played our previous drinking game for the first Crank movie you’ll know how intense these games get so buckle up.

    What You’ll Need

    A copy of the movie and ample amounts of drinks. Then just gather around the TV and let the good times begin.

    Crank: High Voltage Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

    • Chelios electrocutes himself to get his heart going
    • Someone gets shot
    • Chelios makes a phone call
    • Chev enters a new vehicle
    • Ria uses a crazy weird insult
    • Someone has FULL BODY TOURETTE’S.

    Finish your drink during the Godzilla-like fight scene

    Hardmode: (Only add in this rule if you’re looking to get seriously messed up)

    • Take a drink for every clear stereotype. Cops eating donuts, asians with fu manchus using broken english, Mexican slang, etc etc…

    Just like the movie itself the Crank: High Voltage drinking game can get seriously out of hand pretty quickly. With the amount of drinking involved in playing this game it might be wise to take the odd break and make sure you’re not going to overdo it. Please drink responsibly.


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    The Crank Drinking Game

    The official crank drinking game - the chuggernauts

    Crank is one of those movies that is just so unbelievably ridiculous that it keeps you gripped the whole way through. Which of course is why we think it makes for the perfect drinking game movie. The premise of Crank is Jason Statham’s character Chev Chelios is poisoned in such a way that the only way he can keep himself alive is with adrenaline rushes like railing his girlfriend in public or getting into wicked car chases through the mall.

    Our crank drinking game is pretty simple. Just follow the drinking rules and drink whenever any of them come up such as X-Ray close-ups on his heart or the constant use of the word “Shit!”. There’s also a hard version of the game for those who want to get really crazy with it.

    What You’ll Need

    All you’ll need for this drinking game is the cult classic Crank and some drinks.

    Crank Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

    • There’s an X-Ray closeup on a heart
    • Chelios makes a phone call
    • Anyone says “Shit”
    • Chelios does something specifically to jack up his heart rate like chugging energy drinks or taking hits of nasal spray
    • You catch a glimpse of Statham’s ass
    • Chelios mentions that he’s dying
    • There’s a “google map” shot
    • There’s a split/screen style shot

    Hardmode (If you’re looking to kick it up to the next level add in this rule)

    • Chug for as long as Chev is running in the movie.


    If you’re looking for more sweet crank drinking game action check out our Crank 2: High Voltage drinking game! Although be careful, this game in particular involves a lot of alcohol consumption (especially if you’re brave enough to try out the hardmode rule) so please mind your limits and drink responsibly.


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    Vegetable Drinking Game

    This game is pretty easy to play and understand. Basically everyone gets a Vegetable name and then players must go around addressing other players by their vegetable without showing their teeth. The vegetable drinking game sounds easy at face value but it’s a lot harder than you think to talk without showing your teeth. This works with 3-10 players.

    Setting It Up

    Before the game starts everyone needs to decide on their vegetable names. No two names can be the same but they can be any vegetable such as Beet or Red Onion. Once all names are chosen players should go around stating their new vegetable names so that everyone knows everyone else’s name. Then everyone needs to make sure their teeth are hidden.

    Vegetable Drinking Game Rules

    Choose who starts the game. They must state their own name twice and then the name of the player they’re calling twice. Such as “Carrot, Carrot calls Broccoli, Broccoli”.

    Now it would be Brocoli’s turn to do the same and call out another player. Players can call out whoever they want it doesn’t have to be in order.

    The catch to this game is if anyone can ever see your teeth you lose and must drink. You’re not allowed to hide your teeth with your hands you must do it by curling your lips over your teeth which makes saying all these vegetable names very difficult.


    Don’t underestimate how ridiculous and hilarious the vegetable drinking game is. If you want to spice things up try this additional rule; Whenever a player loses and shows their teeth they are assigned a new vegetable name by the other players. Try to pick something extra hard to say to screw them over whenever they have to call out another player.

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    Umbrella Drinking Game

    The idea of the Umbrella drinking game is that it only works if not too many people know the rules. So there needs to be some oblivious people in the room for there to be any drinking. So if it’s your first time playing make sure only 1 player reads through the rules and the rest are left to try and figure it out on their own or drink for not getting it. This works with any number of players.

    What You’ll Need

    This is a vocal drinking game so there are no requirements other than this set of rules and some drinks.

    Umbrella Drinking Game Rules

    This game is kicked off when someone says “The name of the game is Umbrella and the word is…. um…. InsertAnyWord“. You can say any word for the last word there but before that you need to say “Umm…”. The trick is to make is sound natural like you’re thinking of a good word and not be obvious that the “Umm…” part is crucial.

    Then play goes around in a circle with everyone doing the same. Anyone who doesn’t include the “umm…” must take a drink. Once someone thinks they understand how the game works they can go to the person who suggested the game and whisper what they think the rules are. If they’re incorrect they drink.

    Keep on playing until everyone figures it out or one poor clueless sap has made himself look like a total fool by guessing 50 times and never figuring it out.

    If you enjoy games like the Umbrella drinking game you might want to check out the Green Glass Door drinking game since it works in a similar way. Even though this game won’t always amount to a whole lot of drinking it’s still important to remember to not overdo it and drink responsibly. Cheers!

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    Blind Man’s Fumble

    This one goes down as one of the funnest drinking games to play outdoors. Blind Man’s Fumble is pretty easy to understand. One player tries to fine two beers within a designated area and chug them. Then another player attempts the same and the player with the best time wins.

    What You’ll Need

    A blind fold, a lot of beer, a timer (or timer app on a phone) and something to tape off the play area like tape, extension cords, rope, etc…

    Setting It Up

    First an area must be agreed upon and roped off. Generally something like 20ft by 20ft works. Then mark it with whatever you have handy like a roll of tape.

    Once that’s done one player is blindfolded and two other players hide beers within the playing area. Now the game is ready to begin.

    Blind Man’s Fumble Rules

    Whoever was chosen to be the blind man must be spun until they’re good an dizzy. Once they spin enough times they touch the ground and the game is ready to begin. Start the timer.

    The blind man must try to find the other beers without removing the blindfold. The other players watching must tell him when he’s out of bounds.

    Once the blind man finds a beer he must open it and chug it back. Then keep searching for that second beer. Once both beers have been found and chugged then the timer can stop and another player can attempt the game. Whoever has the lowest time wins!

    Team Mode

    If you want this game can also be played in teams of 2, 3 or more. Although with more players you’ll want a bigger play area.

    The team mode of the Blind Man’s Fumble drinking game works a little differently. Instead of timing it separately everyone plays at once, all stumbling around together. There should be 1 beer in the play area for every person playing. Whenever someone finds a beer they stand up and chug it, once it’s done thats 1 point for their team. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the round wins the game!

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    Twenty One Drinking Game Rules

    The drinking game known simply as 21 is a vocal drinking game in which players try to make it all the way to 21 without messing up. They can say one to four numbers, but depending how many they choose determines who’s turn it is next so it’s easy to mess up. This game works with any number of players but works best with around 4-8 players.

    What You’ll Need

    Since this is only a word based drinking game all you need is some players and drinks. No extra supplies necessary.

    Twenty One Drinking Game Rules

    The goal of the game is to count up from 1 to 21. Players take turns saying the next 1-4 numbers but depending how many they say is what happens next.

    The game opens with someone saying “I propose a game of 21 to my left/right” If that person says left then the game goes counter clockwise, if they say right it goes clockwise.

    From there the next player says the first number(s). They can say “1”, “1,2”, “1,2,3” or “1,2,3,4”.

    If they only say one number play order continues in the direction it was already going. If they say 2 numbers then the play reverses direction. If they say 3 numbers then play order continues the original way but skips a person. If they say 4 numbers play order reverses and also skips a person.

    Play continues with players saying the next numbers in order until they reach 21. If anyone messes up they drink and now the game restarts at 1. However if players get to 21 then everyone cheers and takes a drink.

    Bonus Rules

    • Players aren’t allowed to say the number 13. Instead they simply nod.
    • Players aren’t allowed to same the same amount of numbers as the player before them


    The 21 drinking game is more confusing than anything. It sounds easy but it’s really easy to mess up. However if you find the game is getting too easy try adding in more bonus rules every time 21 is reached.

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    Weeds Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the hit drama Weeds where a middle class mother enters the pot game and slowly spirals her life out of control. As Nancy slowly makes increasingly intense decisions and tries to balance her home and “work” life we decided to come up with the Weeds drinking game.

    For this drinking game all you’ll have to do is follow our simple drinking rules and drink once every time they come up. Plus anyone playing will have to finish their whole drink whenever Nancy makes her next big move towards being a weed kingpin. This game works with any number of players.

    What You’ll Need

    Any episode of the show Weeds and some drinks.

    Weeds Drinking Game Rules

    Take a drink whenever…

    • Celia comments on her daughters weight
    • Anyone says “Nancy” or “Lacey”
    • Anyone takes a puff of weed
    • Shane gets in trouble with the school
    • Anyone takes a sip of an alcoholic drink
    • Andy mentions sex in any way
    • Nancy and Conrad share a look like they want to bang
    • Someone threatens Nancy or one of her crew
    • There’s a sex scene
    • Sanjay hits on Nancy or otherwise tries to impress her

    Finish your drink whenever…

    Nancy makes another step towards being a drug kingpin. User>Seller>Distributor>Grower>etc…


    The Weeds drinking game can involve quite a bit of drinking depending which episode you end up watching. We suggest watching the first few seasons as this show tends to follow a downward slide from the 3rd season onward. Please remember to drink responsibly. If you want more fun drinking games about innocent suburban people slowly spiraling their life out of control in pursuit of power and wealth through dealing drugs we suggest checking out our Breaking Bad drinking game!


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    Turbo Cups Rules

    Flip Cup

    Turbo Cups is a drinking game that’s very much similar to Flip Cup with only a couple differences. Mainly that the cups must flip further, there’s multiple rounds and the losers of each round takes a shot. Other than that if you’re familiar with flip cup you should understand how to play this game. It’s played with 2 equal teams of at least 4 players each. The best way to do it is to elect team captains to take turns choosing team members based on how well they think they can chug a beer and flip the cup.

    What You’ll Need

    A good long even table with enough room for each team to stand on one side of it. Then you’ll need a solo cup filled with beer for each player. You’ll also want a bottle of some kind of alcohol to give the losers shots in each round.

    Turbo Cups Rules

    First both teams must decide who is the leader and the anchor for the first round. The leader starts the game and the anchor is the last to go. Now each team needs to stand on the opposite side of the table in a line. If done correctly each player should be facing an opponent across the table.

    When everyone is ready the two leaders cheers their cups, slam them down on the table, then begin chugging.

    Once someone is done chugging they place their cup mouth down on the table’s edge nearest to them. Then with two fingers they try to flip the cup. They keep trying until they can manage to make the cup flip at least 360 degrees and land back on the table. Once this is completed the next player on their team can go and repeat the same steps.

    Play continues until one team has finished and flipped all their cups. They are the winners and are awarded a point. The losers also need to take a “losers shot” from the bottle.

    For each subsequent round the leader of each team becomes the next player in line from the previous leader. The game goes on until everyone has been a leader once. Then the team with the least points loses.


    Essentially turbo cups is a way to play flip cup multiple rounds in a row. Which is to say it can quickly amount to a lot of drinking so make sure to drink responsibly.

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    Cup Stacking Drinking Game

    The idea of this game is to emulate the popular Speed Stacking except with much more drinking involved. Bascially players will start with 15 solo cups with a bit of booze in each of them, then they must drink them each one by one and place the drank cups upside down on the table in a pyramid. This game works with any number of players as long as there’s at least 15 cups per player. It might also work better to do a 1on1 elimination style bracket.

    What You’ll Need

    For this game you’ll need 15 cups for each player and some drinks.

    Setting It Up

    Each contestant places their 15 cups in a row on a table in front of them. Then try to fill each cup with booze about half way.

    Cup Stacking Drinking Game Rules

    The goal of the game is to drink what’s in your cups, stack them in a tower, then unstack them into piles. Whoever does this first is the winner.

    Once everyone is ready someone must count down from 3. Then everyone starts at the same time.

    Now players race to finish what’s in their cups and stack them into a vertical pyramid with the cups wide-end-down. You can either drink each cup and stack them as you go or try to finish them all first before you start stacking.

    When they’re being stacked they should be in a vertical pyramid with a row of 5 on the bottom and a single cup on top. Once stacked you now need to unstack the cups into even rows. First to do this wins the game.


    The cup stacking drinking game has quite a bit of drinking involved so if you plan on playing multiple rounds you might want to just use a shot or two in each cup instead of half cups.


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    Task Master Drinking Game Rules


    Task Master is a drinking game that’s commonly played in bars or clubs, or at least someone with a lot of strangers so that everyone can embarrass themselves. It’s a great way to ensure that it’s going to be a night you’ll remember. The basics of the game is that one person is a task master and asks someone else to do something, and if they do it they get to be the next task master. If they refuse they drink!

    Set Up

    There’s no real set up to this game other than getting to a good location and deciding who should go first. If it’s someone’s birthday celebration or bachelor party they are the lucky one to act first.

    Task Master Drinking Game Rules

    After you have an appointed task master and everyone has their drinks nearby the game is ready to begin. The master can pick anyone else to perform a task. The task can be anything they want such as “ask out 3 members of the same sex” or “do a handstand in the middle of the dancefloor”. Typically in this game you want the tasks to all involve strangers and not the other players in the game so that other people don’t know what’s going on.

    If the taskee refuses the task they have to neck their whole drink and get a new one. Then the master asks another player to do a task.

    If the taskee completes the task they now get to become the master and ask someone else to do a task of their choosing.


    The task master drinking game works best if people are creative with their tasks. It’s one of those games that gets funnier as people get more drunk and start to consider some truly absurd stunts. As always please remember to drink responsibly.

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    The Red Dragon Inn Drinking Game & Review

    The Red Dragon Inn is a game by SlugFest Games that takes a look at what life is like is like as adventurers who just want to relax and drink their faces off. The game itself isn’t a drinking game as much as it’s a game about drinking. Which is why it made for the perfect game to add in some drinking rules. This game supports up to 4 players although there is a number of expansions to allow for more players and more unique interactions.

    If you already know how to play you can skip the following section and head straight down to the Chuggernauts’ drinking rules.

    How To Play

    The object of this game is simple. Have a good night out without losing all your cash or drinking yourself into a coma. Players will aim to lower each others fortitude and increase their alcohol consumption until they pass out, or try to drain away all their cash.

    Each player picks one of the characters and then sets up their sheet accordingly. Then grabs and shuffles the deck that is associated with that character.

    Turn Phases

    A turn of Red Dragon Inn goes in 4 phases. Refreshing cards, playing a card, giving someone a drink and finally taking a drink yourself.

    Discard and Draw

    At the start of every turn a player can opt to discard any of their 7 card hand and then draw back up to 7. This is a useful way to make sure you have a good balanced hand.


    This is where you play a card from your hand. These can do a large number of actions but be careful because someone might be able to respond with a card of their own (if the card allows for it).

    Order a Drink

    Here’s where you get a drink for another player. Simply draw the top card from the drink deck (without looking at it) and place it on another players “Drink Me!” spot. Remember you want your opponents to get floored so try to play it on someone who you want to pass out.

    Take a Drink

    During this phase you draw the top card of your “Drink Me!” spot and do what it says. If you don’t have any cards there you can instead reduce your alcohol consumption by 1 and sober up a bit.

    Red Dragon Inn Drinking Game Rules

    1. If you are instructed to gain alcohol consumption drink once for each consumption gained.
    2. If a card you play is negated take a drink.
    3. Drink once for every gold lost. This includes antes and all gold lost while gambling.

    Drinking for Fortitude: If your fortitude drops to 15 or lower all drinks are doubled. If your fortitude drops to 10 or lower they’re tripled.

    If you pass out or lose all your cash you must finish your drink in shame. 


    As a traditional board game this one was interesting because of it’s premise. Not often do games focus on the after-party of the epic journey.

    Although some elements of the game did feel pretty shallow and there wasn’t a boatload of strategy to master, this game did deliver what it promises. A good time. Plus it’s easy to understand and get the hang of which is great if you plan on having a few beers during game nights.

    Check it out on Amazon!

    The drinking rules practically write themselves in this one. If what you’re looking for is a light game that is fun with a lot of players and won’t overwhelm you with a 45 page rulebook then the Red Dragon Inn is a great choice.


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