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    Schlafmütze Rules and Drinking Game


    Schlafmütze is a German drinking card game that’s very similar to Spoons. The goal of the game is to take your 4 cards and try to end up with a set of 4 matching ones. This game works with anywhere from 2-8 players but works best if you have at least 4 people. This game works either with or without drinking so we’ve included the regular rules along with some added drinking rules.

    What You’ll Need

    A full deck of cards and some drinks.

    Schlafmütze Rules

    The aim of the game is to get 4 of the same number card.

    Setting up The Game

    The dealer starts by shuffling all the cards and dealing out 4 cards to each other player and 5 cards to himself.

    Playing the Game

    Gameplay starts with the dealer than moves clockwise. On a players turn they pick a card to give to the next player clockwise.

    If a player ever receives a card that they have already seen before (the exact card, number and suit) they can be sure that nobody wants the card and instead slap it down face up on the table. They then draw a new card from the deck to replace it. Anyone who had a matching number card to that one may also slap down that card (since sets of 4 can no longer be achieved) and draw a new one to replace it.

    The first player to collect 4 of a kind wins the game. Once someone gets their 4 of a kind they place their cards face down on the table without announcing their victory. The last player to put their cards face down on the table is the loser of the game. It is possible to trick people and pretend to continue playing to make other players do the same and eventually lose the game.

    Schlafmütze Drinking Rules

    Jokers: If at any point someone draws a joker they must drink and draw a new card. Shuffling the joker back into the deck.

    If anyone receives a card for the second time and slaps it down, everyone with the matching number card drinks.

    If anyone tries to play a card after someone has claimed victory they take a drink.

    At the end of the game of Schlafmütze the loser must chug back the rest of their drink. Everyone else must drink for each card in their hand that doesn’t match other cards.



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    The Lords of Dogtown Drinking Game

    The Lords of Dogtown is a dramatic retelling of the classic story of the zephyr boys and how they went from dogtown slumkids to the most famous and respected skaters in the world. Our Lords of Dogtown drinking game is pretty simple, just a few drinking rules to follow while watching the movie. However if you haven’t seen the movie or know what happens in it you might want to ignore the second part of the drinking rules as they’ll contain some spoilers.

    What You’ll Need

    The movie Lords of Dogtown and some drinks.

    The Lords of Dogtown Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip Whenever…

    • Someone bails or crashes
    • Anyone is seen drinking booze or smoking weed
    • Anyone says “Man” (This rule is a doozy for any scene with Skip in it)
    • A trash can is knocked over
    • You’re reminded how poor Jay Adams is
    • Someone gets punched in the face

    Take a Big Chug Whenever…

    (Skip these rules if you haven’t seen the movie. There’s a good amount of spoilers in here.)

    • The crew is introduced to the urethane wheels.
    • The Zephyr team is formed.
    • They skate their first empty pool.
    • The Zephyr boys do their first photo shoot and land their first magazine cover.
    • Tony Alva leaves Zephyr.
    • The pier burns down.
    • It’s revealed that Sid had brain cancer.


    All-in-all this Lords of Dogtown drinking game can be pretty hefty since basically every scene involves someone falling over or Skip saying “man” about 4 times per sentence. So please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one. If you are looking for more great drinking games to old school cult classic movies check out our F.U.B.A.R. drinking game!


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    How to Play The High Jinks Drinking Game

    This game originates from mid 1600s in Scotland (Sometimes spelled High Jinks, and traditionally spelled Hey-Jinks). It was a dice game in which someone would cast the dice and have to perform a task if their score was too low, such as chugging a glass of liquor.  Most people know the term to mean getting in trouble or being mischievous but it actually came from this drinking game. What happened is that the dice game got so wild that “High Jinks” now came to refer to the crazy actions that came out of the game instead of the game itself.

    How to Play the High Jinks Drinking Game

    Since this game is so dated in history and there’s many interpretations of how it should be played, were going to go with a somewhat modernized version of how it could be played. What we do know is the game involves people coming up with a task and then the caster who got a bad score would have to do the task or be eliminated from the game. So with that in mind here’s our interpretation of the rules.

    Before each round the roller who starts it off will come up with the task at hand. This task can be anything imaginable but the crazier the better. This can be vetoed by the other players if they hate it too much. Once agreed upon everyone at the table takes turns rolling two dice in a clockwise order.

    The goal is to get a higher roll than the player before you. The score of your roll is equal to the high number, then the low number. So a roll of 4 and 6 would be a score of 64.

    If someone fails to roll higher they must perform the agreed upon task. If they refuse they are eliminated from the game. However if they succeed they get to start the next game and start the rolling.

    The game continues until all but one player is eliminated or everyone at the table is too drunk to continue.


    If you liked our interpretation on how to play the High Jinks drinking game you might want to check out another ancient drinking game by the name of Kottabos which came from the 4th century and is considered one of the oldest drinking games ever.

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    KinderPerfect – Finally an Adult Party Game for Parents

    We got a chance to test out this game recently, it plays out like Cards Against Humanity with one major twist. It’s geared towards parents and their daily struggle to keep a smidgen of sanity in their lives. In this KinderPerfect review we outline how to play the game and how much we liked it. Plus we made some drinking rules if you happen to be one of the lucky few who don’t have to drive the kids home tonight.

    How Do You Play?

    This game has two types of cards, red cards and white cards.

    The red cards are prompts about the craziness in the life of a parent such as “____ is worse than stepping on lego” or “Daddy’s Worst Nightmare”.

    The white cards are answers to those prompts such as “Another Damn Fundraiser” or “That Crusty Sock”.

    Each player gets 10 cards and takes turn being the judge. The judge reads out a prompt and then everyone else submits a card. The judge then picks their favorite answer and whoever’s it was gets a point.

    There’s also some awesome optional rules included in the booklet too such as being able to exchange cards for new ones ONLY if you agree to whatever the next kid who comes to the table asks for. So you might be rethinking how valuable those cards really were when little Ethan asks if anyone wants to make him some craft dinner.

    KinderPerfect Review

    This is one of those games that really needs to be played with the right group of people. And that group is parents. So if you know a good group of parents who could really use a night to lighten up and enjoy themselves this game is perfect.

    This game is pure and simply good fun. Plus you might end up learning some embarrassing truths about other parents as this game is sure to bring some out some stories that nobody was ready to hear.

    Get your copy of KP on Amazon Here!

    KinderPerfect Drinking Rules!

    In true Chuggernauts’ fashion we figured no game is complete without some optional drinking rules. We broke them up in to two categories, gameplay and outside rules.

    Gameplay: These are rules pertaining to the game itself. 

    1. Whenever your card is chosen, choose someone else who’s drinking to take a sip.
    2. Whenever you don’t understand a card and have to ask the group, take a sip.
    3. At the end of the game drink for how many points you had less than the winner.

    Outside Rules: These are rules pertaining to the kids running rampant as you try to play this game. 

    1. If a kid asks when you’re going home, take a drink.
    2. If a kid asks for something out of the fridge, take a drink.
    3. If a kid cries or goes full-tantrum, take a big chug.
    4. If any of these instances are your own child, take an extra drink to prepare for the mental battle you’re about to have.


    All in all we recommend this game to any parent who knows the trials and tribulations that come with raising a kid. There’s so much laughing and joking that happens during KinderPerfect that you’ll almost forget that it’s your child’s bedtime and they’re about to start rampaging like sleep deprived gremlins.

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    How to Play the Snap Dragon Drinking Game

    The Snap Dragon drinking game is one that originates from the 16th century that was typically played near chritsmastime. If you’re looking for an easy game to set up and play you might want to check elsewhere but if you’re looking to learn a little bit about the games of yore or even try to replicate them yourself then you’re in the right place!

    What is the Snap Dragon Game?

    This was mostly a parlor game in which people at the table take turns trying to snatch raisins or other small fruits from a flaming bowl of brandy in the dark. And if that sounds crazy to you that’s because it is.

    How to Play Snap Dragon

    Setting it Up

    This game takes a bit of prep. What you’ll need is a bowl, 3 raisons per person playing, some brandy and something to light it on fire.

    First grab the bowl and put all the raisins in it. Next warm up some brandy on the stove and then pour it in the bowl. About an inch high but as long as it’s past the raisins it should work.

    Lastly grab a lighter and light the brandy fumes on fire. Now turn off the lights and the game is ready to begin.

    Playing the Game

    The goal of the game here is to be the person who gets the most raisins out of the bowl. On a persons turn they get one chance to swipe at the bowl and grab out a raisin and pop it in their mouth without burning themselves or spilling too much of the lukewarm raisin brandy. Gotta be quick though because if the raisin is on fire it’ll only get put out when it’s in your mouth and closed.

    Once all the raisins are snatched whoever ate the most wins the Snap Dragon drinking game.

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    What Is An Ice Luge?

    What Is an Ice Luge?

    An Ice Luge is a small slide made of ice used to funnel beverages into someone’s mouth. The idea of an Ice Luge is to pour liquor down a small ice-sculpture into the awaiting lips of a person below. Sometimes also known as a Shooter Block or a Martini Luge these can usually be found at ice bars or festivals.

    How They’re Made

    Typically a Ice Luge is made with a simple plastic mold, many of which are cheap online. Simply fill with water and freeze and you should have one ready that will last about 8 hours before melting at room temperature.

    Alternatively some people will go the extra mile and carve out their own massive Ice Luges to add to the excitement. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a mold or learning how to sculpt ice you could always just take a block of ice and pour small amounts of hot water onto it until a path has been formed.

    How to Use an Ice Luge

    Once you got it ready then using it is the easy part. Someone stands on top and pours some liquor from the top of the slide. Typically a shot of vodka or tequila, and then someone waits at the bottom and tries to catch all the slow sliding alcohol in their mouth.

    It can get a little messy especially later in the night if the luge has started to melt a bit.

    If you’re looking for more wacky and unorthodox ways to down some drinks in a hurry then we suggest taking a look at the Australian game of Goon of Fortune where players spin a bag of wine around a clothes line to determine who will be drinking it.



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    How to Play Amy Winehands

    The Amy Winehands drinking game is the sister-game to the popular game Edward 40Hands. Basically all this game entails is taping two wine bottles to your hands and not taking them off until they’re done. It starts off pretty easy but as the night progresses you’ll start to notice just how hard some tasks become (like going to the washroom.)

    What You’ll Need

    Two bottle of wine for everyone participating in the game. We suggest something with a bit lower alcohol content like a Sangria. Then you’re going to need some duct tape and you should be good to go.

    Amy Winehands Rules

    To kick this game off everyone is going to have to help eachother out to take the bottles to their hands. It gets pretty tough to do it by yourself. Ideally if someone isn’t joining in the game they could help out here.

    Once everyone is loaded up then the game can begin. Nobody is allowed to take a wine bottle off of their hands until it’s finished. Leaving you pretty useless until you get at least one of the bottles done and free up that hand.

    First player to finish both bottles wins the game, but the losers aren’t off the hook yet. So the slower drinkers will still have to walk around with the bottles until they finish them to get them off.


    The Amy Winehands drinking game is a great way to kickoff any party and make things a little more interesting. If you like these fun drinking challenges we suggest taking a look at a little game called Wisest Wizards. It should be noted that games like this can lead to a lot of drinking so make sure to drink responsibly. There’s no shame in bowing out if you think you’ve had enough.

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    How to Play Goon of Fortune

    For the uninitiated a Goon is an Australian term used to describe a cheap box of wine. The Goon of Fortune drinking game is one that involves taking the bag out of the box and attaching it to one of those circular spinning clotheslines. Then you give that badboy a spin and whoever the goon lands in front of needs to take a big chug of the wine then give it another spin.

    What You’ll Need

    Several boxes of wine. Take them out of the box so that you’re just left with the bags. Now you’ll need a rotating clothes line and something to attach it to it such as tape, rope, or clothes pins. Now just get everyone to form a circle around the clothes line and get ready to play.

    Goon of Fortune Drinking Game Rules

    Typically the jagoff who suggested the game gets to spin first. They grab one of the ends of the clothes line and spin it as hard as they want. Hopefully it’s not too weighted to one side.

    Once it stops whoever is closest to it opens up the good and takes a good hearty chug. It’s up to everyone playing if they think they’ve had enough. Then that same person spins it for the next round.

    If anyone refuses to drink or leaves the circle they are disqualified from the game.

    When you empty the goon just grab another one and strap it on there. Or alternatively you can put multiple goons on at the same time and have multiple people chug when it comes by.


    The Goon of Fortune drinking game doesn’t really have an ending point so just keep playing until you run out of wine or lose the ability to stand up straight. People often put in added rules such as making you stand on one leg after a certain number of spins and if you fall you are out of the game. Either way please remember to drink responsibly.


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    Hootenanny – The Free 21+ Party App

    What is the Hootenanny App?

    This great app is basically a drinking game where all you got to do is put in the players names and hit start. There’s a number of packs to choose from depending on what you think your group of friends would like the most. But if you don’t want to pay the 1$ to unlock any of the specialized packs you could just play the free IceBreaker pack which has more than enough cards to get a fun game going.

    Once you start you just need to pass the phone around and do the actions required. The game takes place in three periods like a hockey game, and each period raises the stakes by making wrong answers to the trivia questions cause more drinking. Each card will tell you exactly who is supposed to be answering the questions or performing the actions. It really couldn’t get any easier than that!

    There’s a ton of different types of cards that will come up such as Trivia, “Never have I ever”, game rules and much more. It’s got much more variance than the typical drinking game app and some really creative questions to boot.

    Where to get the App?

    Currently the app is only available on the Apple Play store. It’s a small download so don’t worry about taking up too much of your data.

    Check out the app here!

    Hootenanny Review

    What’s great about this app is the sheer amount of cards in it. We played for over an hour in just one of the packs and never ran into the same card twice. Plus the game itself is free for at least the Icebreaker pack so you can test it out and see if it’s worth buying any of the other ones. But since the extra packs only cost 1$ we say it’s well worth it to grab one or two.

    This game amounts to a simple yet very fun way to break the ice. It’s an easy way to lube up the conversation and get people talking. The game doesn’t take all too long either so it’s not a heavy commitment if you want to start a game up.


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    The Definitive Wheel of Fortune Drinking Game

    This classic game-show has been running for over 30 years. Hell even Pat Sajak admitted to hosting the show drunk so it’s about time we made a drinking game for it. The Wheel of Fortune drinking game is pretty easy to follow. Just read these simple drinking rules and drink whenever any of them come up. Plus if anyone can correctly guess the phrase before any of the contestants than everyone else playing this game takes a sip.

    What You’ll Need

    Any given episode (or multiple episodes) of The Wheel of Fortune and some drinks. This game was mostly made for the Pat Sajak years but should work just fine during any of the runs of the other hosts.

    The Wheel of Fortune Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip whenever…

    • Someone spins a “Bankrupt”.
      • Drink again if Pat feels the need to apologize.
    • Pat makes a corny joke.
    • Someone loses a turn.
    • Anyone picks the letters X or Q.
    • Someone says that they would like to buy a vowel.
    • Someone spins something that causes them to pick up a card, like the “car” or “wild” cards.

    Everyone finishes their drinks if anyone correctly gets the “million” space

    Bonus Rule: Guessing the Phrase

    If anyone can correctly guess the phrase before the contestants then every other person playing this drinking game takes a sip.


    The Wheel of Fortune drinking game works really well because mostly all of those drinking rules are bound to come up every episode. If you like drinking games to classic 90s shows we suggest taking a look at our COPS drinking game! Whichever game you choose to play please make sure to drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home if you need one.



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    The Centurion Drinking Game

    The Centurion drinking game is more of a challenge than a game. The aim is to finish 60 shots of beer or low alcohol content drink within 60 minutes. It sounds pretty easy on face value but it piles up very quickly. The game is also known by the name Power Hour and is often played to celebrate people’s birthdays when they arrive at the legal drinking age. It can be played with however many people you want.

    What You’ll Need

    A whole bunch of beer or mixed drink and a shot glass for every player. Then you’ll need something to keep track of time like a clock timer or one of the many YouTube power hour videos.

    Centurion Drinking Game Rules

    Before starting everyone should fill up their first shot glass and the video or timer should be cued up. Once that’s done count down from 5 and then hit play.

    At the end of each minute everyone still in the game should take their shot and then refill it. Keep doing this until the 60 minutes are up.

    Not everyone will necessarily finish the game, it’s very common for people to back out before getting the full 60. If anyone fails to take their shot before their next shot is supposed to happen then they are out of the game. They can keep track of how far they got and use that as their score to try and beat next time.


    It may not sound like a ton since the Centurion drinking game results in 60-90 ounces (depending on the size of the shot glass) or just under 6 pints of beer, but with drinking that much in under an hour and with that much consistency it’s bound to catch up on you. So please drink responsibly, there’s no shame in bowing out early if you think you’re going to be sick or succumb to alcohol poisoning.

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    Biscuit Drinking Game Rules

    The Biscuit drinking game is a simple dice game that comes from France. All it entails is rolling two dice and drinking or giving out drinks depending on your roll. It plays out sort of like a game of Kings except with dice instead of cards.

    What You’ll Need

    For this game all you’re going to need is two dice and some drinks. This game works with any number of players.

    Biscuit Drinking Game Rules

    On a players turn they roll both dice.

    • If doubles are rolled they can assign drinks equal to which number is on either dice. 1 drink for double 1s, 2 drinks for double 2s etc… These can be split up among multiple players or all given to the same person.
    • If a total of 3 is rolled (1+2) then that player is now “in jail”. On their turn they need to roll doubles to be out of jail otherwise they stay in. If anyone rolls a 3 on any die than all players in jail must drink.
    • If a total of 7 is rolled than the last player to put their thumb on their forehead and say “biscuit” takes a drink.
    • If a total of 9 is rolled the player to the right drinks.
    • If a total of 10 is rolled the player to the left drinks.
    • If a total of 11 is rolled everyone drinks.

    The Biscuit drinking game is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. There’s a lot of possible rolls that result in nobody drinking and the dice getting passed to the next player regardless. It’s up to the players how much is considered “a drink”. Although this game doesn’t always amount to a boatload of alcohol consumption it’s still important to drink responsibly and not go beyond your limits.

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