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    Conan O’Brien Drinking Game

    Drunk Sad Conan

    This Conan O’Brien drinking game was made primarily for his talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien but it would work just fine with any of his previous talk shows. Basically anything that him, Andy Richter, and his musical group.

    All you need to do is grab a drink and drink whenever any of the following drinking rules come up.

    What You’ll Need

    An episode or two of Late Night and a few drinks

    Conan O’Brien Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip Whenever

    • Conan does an impression
      • Drink again if he’s doing an impression of someone who’s in the same room
    • Conan makes fun of himself for a laugh
    • Conan makes fun of a TV network
      • If he’s biting the hand that feeds, take another sip
    • Conan’s guest makes fun of his height.
    • Conan tells someone to shut up (this includes the audience)
    • Andy cracks up Conan
      • Drink again if it prompts Conan to tell him to shut up or physically strike him
    • Conan cuts the music
    • Conan makes a reference to something that happened before most of his core audience was born

    Take a big chug whenever

    • The camera cuts to LaBamba for no apparent reason
    • Conan does his string dance
    • One of his segments gets totally derailed

    Sarcastic Clapping

    Whenever Conan starts sarcastically clapping, drink for each clap.


    The Conan O’Brian drinking game is a great way to down a few drinks while watching the antics of this hollywood doofus. As with all drinking games though please make sure to drink in moderation and take a break if you need one. Cheers!



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    Depth Charge Drinking Game

    The Depth Charge drinking game is an easy game that’s fun to play at bars or anywhere you can get your hands on a pitcher of beer. What you do is float a shot glass or small glass in the pitcher and players take turns pouring into the glass. Whoever sinks it must chug the whole thing. This game works best with around 4-8 players.

    What You’ll Need

    A pitcher or large glass of beer, an empty shot glass, another beer for pouring, and some pals.

    Depth Charge Drinking Game Rules

    To set this game place the pitcher of beer in the center of the table. Then very gently place the shot glass in the pitcher so that it’s floating on top of the beer. Then whoever wants to go first starts the game. They pour as much of their drink as they want into the shot glass then pass the pouring beer to the next player. This goes on until the shot glass sinks. Whoever sunk the glass has to chug the entire pitcher.

    This game can also be played in teams so that players can split the task of chugging the pitcher.

    Gentleman’s Rule

    If the glass sinks between turns, then it’s whoever poured last that has to drink it. Try not to wait too long between turns.


    The Depth Charge drinking game is great for bars or pubs because you can just order a pitcher of beer, pour a bit into a glass for pouring, then play with the rest of the pitcher. Typically it’s played where the loser has to pay for the next pitcher for the next round. It can also be played elimination-style where whoever loses is out for the next round until only 1 player remains. This game can turn into a lot of drinking so please make sure to drink responsibly.

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    Cops and Robbers

    The Cops and Robbers drinking game - the chuggernauts

    The Cops and Robbers drinking game is a simple card game where one player winds up as the cop, another a robber, and the rest are just civilians. The robber tries to wink at another player discreetly as the cop now tries to guess who the robber was. Incorrect guesses cause the cop to drink and correct guesses cause the robber to drink.

    What You’ll Need

    At least one playing card per player, that includes a single King and a single Ace. The cards can be any number you want but the higher the number the more drinking is involved so choose carefully. Players should sit in a circle for this game with nothing obstructing the view of each other.

    Cops and Robbers Rules

    • Everyone is dealt a card which they look at secretly. Whoever got the King is the cop. Whoever got the Ace is the robber.
    • Now the robber has to wink at someone without the cop noticing. Once that happens whoever was winked at must say “The deal has been made.”
    • The cop then picks who they think the robber was. If they are incorrect they drink equal to whatever the card was of the person they accused. Then they guess again.
    • If they were correct the Robber drinks for 10 seconds.
    • If the robber tried to wink at the cop, the robber loses and drinks for 10 seconds.
    • If the cop manages to pick everyone wrong, leaving only the robber, the person they winked at, and themselves then the robber wins. The cop must finish their drink and the game is done.


    The cops and robbers drinking game is great because as the night goes on it’ll get harder and harder to hold a steady poker face. This game can also lead to a lot of drinking on the cops part so consider using lower numbered cards (1-5) for everyone who is not the cop or robber. Please drink responsibly.


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    Categories Drinking Game Rules

    It's Always Sunny Drinking Game - thechuggernauts.com

    The Categories drinking game is a word drinking game that is often used as a mini-game within some other card drinking games like Kings or Circle of Death. This game is one where a player chooses a category such as “Car Manufacturers” or “Types of cereal” and then players go around in turn trying to name something within that category that nobody else has named.

    What You’ll Need

    Since this is only a vocal drinking game you won’t need anything for this other than some drinks a bit of brain power. This game works best if players sit in a circle. It also works with any number of players as long as there’s at least 3.

    Categories Drinking Game Rules

    This game usually goes in a clockwise order. On someone’s turn they come up with whichever category they want. Then the next player must come up with something within that category. Players take turns saying things in the category until someone repeats something that has already been said or fails to come up with something. Loser takes a sip of their drink and then gets to choose the category for the next round.

    3 Second Rule

    If a player can’t come up with something within 3 seconds, they lose.

    Challenging the category

    If a player decides they don’t like someone’s category choice they can “challenge” it. Meaning the player who came up with the category has to name 3 things within the category themselves. If they succeed the challenger must drink, otherwise they have to come up with a new category.

    Category Ideas

    In case you’re having trouble coming up with some categories here’s some examples:

    • Car Manufacturers
    • Sex Positions
    • Types of Cereal
    • Medical Equipment
    • Sex Toys
    • Colors
    • Reasons to Call in Sick to Work

    The Categories drinking game is great because it’s easy to play and easy to set up. Plus it doesn’t require a ton of alcohol consumption so it’s a good casual game.

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    Case Race Drinking Game Rules – The Chuggernauts

    How to do a Case Race - the chuggernauts

    Sometimes you just wanna see who can chug beers the fastest. That’s where the Case Race drinking game comes in. The basics of the game here is that everyone grabs a case a beer (usually a 12) then breaks into teams to see who can finish them first.

    What You’ll Need

    A 12 pack of beer, and multiple teams. This game plays best with bottles rather than cans. This game supports as many players as you want. It’s often played in teams of 2 but you can do teams of 3 or even 4 if that’s preferred.

    Case Race Drinking Game Rules

    There’s not a whole lot to this game. Simple give each team each team a case and see who can finish all the beers in every bottle or can first.

    If you want to make sure nobody is cheating you can make sure each can/bottle is placed upside down when it’s finished to ensure there’s nothing left.

    Players are in no way allowed to dump out or throw away beer during this race or they are disqualified.


    The Case Race drinking game is one of the easiest to play you’ll ever find. It separates the men from the boys. Although it should be mentioned that any chugging game like this can often lead to the over consumption of alcohol, so please drink responsibly. This game is better played at the start of a night when nobody has drinking too much already.

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    Bullshit Drinking Game

    Smells like Bullshit

    The Bullshit drinking game is a version of Pyramid with an added bluffing element. In this game cards are flipped in the central pyramid and if their card comes up they can pass out the matching card to a player to make them drink. The fun part about this game is that you can lie and say you have a card when you really don’t and the opponent has to judge whether he thinks you’re lying or not.

    What You’ll Need

    For this game all you need is a deck of cards, some drinks, and at least 3 players.

    Setting It Up

    Someone should be designated as the dealer. They shuffle the deck and then create a pyramid of face down cards in the center of the table where all players can see it. This is done with a row of 1, a row of 2, a row of 3, a row of 4 and finally a row of 5. These rows represent drink multipliers, with the bottom row (the biggest one) being worth 1 and the top row (the smallest) being worth 5.

    Then the dealer deals out all the remaining cards to the players as evenly as possible. Players should keep these cards hidden from the other players.

    Bullshit Drinking Game Rules

    Starting at the bottom row and going upwards the dealer takes turns flipping the cards in the pyramid.

    Whenever a card is flipped a player can play that card to make an opponent drink equal to whatever the row is worth.

    Players can also “bluff” and say they have a card when they don’t. But if a player ever thinks someone is bluffing they can call “Bullshit!”. If they were correct in their call then the player who was lying drinks instead. If they were incorrect however they now have to drink double.

    The game continues until every card in the pyramid is flipped over.


    The Bullshit drinking game is great for large crowds and the bluffing aspect really adds some strategy.

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    Boxhead Is a drinking game that somewhat resembles the classic 3-Man. Except this time the loser has to wear a box on their head which really adds insult to injury. The game plays out with players taking turns rolling a set of dice an drinking accordingly, hoping not to roll into becoming BoxHead and having to drink whenever anyone else does.

    What You’ll Need

    First things first you need to make a face in a box for this one. This can be done pretyy easily by cutting some eye holes into the box of a 12 pack or a 15 pack, which should be handy. Then everyone just needs some beers to play the game.

    How To Play BoxHead

    All you need to do in this game is take turns in a clockwise order rolling both dice.

    2 – Roll Again and double the effect of the next roll
    3 – Player to your left drinks
    4 – Make a rule, anyone who breaks it drinks.
    5 – Roll a die and drink that much
    6 – Nothing happens
    7 – Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks
    8 – Roll a die and drink for that many seconds
    9 – Player to your right drinks
    10 – Bathroom Roll. Until you get this you can’t leave the table unless it’s to get a drink.
    11 – You are now Boxhead!
    12 – You are now Boxhead!

    Whenever a player becomes Boxhead they must put the box on their head (obviously.) Then they drink whenever anyone else at the table drinks. They remain Boxhead until they roll 11, 12, or someone else does and steals the box from them.


    The Boxhead drinking game is always a good time. Although it can often end up with one player drinking quite a bit so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you require one.

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    Dear White People Drinking Game

    The Dear White People Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    This Dear White People drinking game is for the Netflix series. Not to be confused with the movie of the same name. Although the series is true enough to the movie that most of these rules will cross over to the movie just fine. This series follows an array of characters, particularly Samantha White, who run a radio show and deal with the everyday nuances of growing up black in a mostly white school. This show pushes a lot of buttons and really tries to stir up some conversations about race in america, so why not grab a few drinks to lighten the mood?

    This game works with any number of players.

    What You’ll Need

    Any given episode of Dear White People and some drinks. The show can be found on Netflix.

    Dear White People Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever

    • Anyone says “White” or “Black”
    • Anyone mentions racism
    • Anytime you spot a hashtag on screen or literally hear someone say the word “Hashtag”
    • Someone swears
    • Anyone receives an alert on their cellphone
    • Someone mentions a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc…
    • You notice a parody of something that exists in real life
    • Anyone on screen takes a sip of something alcoholic

    Take a Huge Chug of Your Drink Whenever

    • There’s a full on racial slur


    Not going to lie, the Dear White People drinking game is a lot of drinkings. Mostly because of the fact that race isn’t only a common topic in the show, it’s almost the only topic that anyone talks about. Plus with the frequent swears and mentions of social media you have yourself a drinking game. So please if you do choose to play make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.

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    Boat Race Drinking Game

    Beers, Beers, Beers.

    The Boat Race Drinking Game (Beer On The Table Race) is pretty closely related to Flip Cup minus the actual flipping. It’s pretty well just a competition to see who’s better at chugging beers. The goal here is to see which team can finish their drinks first.

    What You’ll Need

    In order to have a proper boat race you’ll need a table big enough to fit all the players and one cup per player filled with their favorite beverage.

    Set Up

    First thing to do is separate into two equal teams. Often it’s Guys vs Girls or a team captain on each side is elected to draft a team. Once both teams are established players need to fill up a cup.

    Teams should line up on opposite sides of a table, length-ways. So each player is facing an opponent on the other side. Then their cups are placed in front of them. I leader is chosen on each team to start off the game, and an Anchor is chosen to finish it at the end of the line.

    Boat Race Drinking Game Rules

    Once all teams are ready, a chant is done to kick off the game. Typically “Ole Ole Ole“. Once that’s done the starting player from each team cheers and then they begin chugging their cup. Once it’s done the cup needs to be placed upside down on the table to ensure it’s finished and then the next player on their team can go.

    Whichever team finished all of their cups first are deemed the winners.


    The Boat Race drinking game is basically just a beer chugging contest. It’s been a favorite at frats for generations for proving who’s got the strongest liver. Chugging games like this can often lead to an over consumption of alcohol so please drink responsibly and only try a game like this if you’re sure you can handle it.

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    Slop it – The Bop It Drinking Game

    Slop-It The Bop It Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Slop It is our Bop It drinking game that only requires one of those old Bop It toys and some drinks. This one’s really easy to play and works with any number of players. Preferably in a slightly smaller group since you might be waiting a while for your turn otherwise.

    Setting It Up

    For this game you’ll need everyone to be sitting in a circle or at least somewhere they can easily pass the Bop It around. Then you need a shot of hard alcohol, some drinks, and of course the Bop-It.

    If you don’t have a copy, click here to check them out on Amazon.

    Before the game starts pour the shot and place it in the middle. Whoever loses the game will be drinking it. Then one-by-one everyone needs to pick an action. The actions are typically Bop it, Pull it, Twist it, Flick it and Spin It. (This depends on the version as some will have less or more actions). Players will have to take a sip whenever their action comes up.

    Make sure the game is set to the multiplayer mode that has the “Pass-It” mode so that everyone can play at once.

    How To Play the Bop-It Drinking Game

    For those unfamiliar with how to play Bop It, it’s a device with a speaker that will ask you to do an action. Simply do that action before the time is up and keep going until you’re asked to pass it clockwise.

    Now as for drinking rules. Everyone should have selected an action before the game. Anytime that action comes up and you aren’t currently holding the Bop It, you need to take a drink.

    Whoever loses the game needs to take a shot. If the game is lost due to a bad “Pass it” than players get to judge who’s fault it is and that person needs to take the shot.

    This game is played elimination style. So every time someone is knocked out they are now out of the game and the remaining players play again. This continues until only 1 player remains who is crowned the master of Slop It.


    If you liked our slop-it drinking game you should check our one of our other re-imagined children’s games, the Surly Surly Hippos drinking game. If there’s any other games you’d love to see a drinking game for, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do! As with any drinking game though make sure not to exceed your limits. Please drink responsibly.

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    One Fat Hen Drinking Game

    One Fat Hen Song - the chuggernauts

    The One Fat Hen drinking game is a vocal game that punishes players who tend to slurr when they drink. That basics of it is that a speaker is chosen to recite a short verse, piece by piece, and other players try to copy it. Drinking and restarting whenever they mess up.

    What You’ll Need

    All you need for this game is some drinks and a group of people sitting in a circle (preferably 4-8 players)

    One Fat Hen Drinking Game Rules

    The idea of this game is the speaker in this game recites the first line, then everyone has to copy it. Then they recite the first and second lines, then everyone copies it again. Then the first, second and third, etc…

    After the speaker is done his line, everyone else tries to repeat it at the same time. They also need to drink for every time that they mess up. If they mess up early they need to chug their drinks until the verse is completed. If everyone messes it up however they must attempt it all again.

    The lines are as follows

    1. One fat hen
    2. Couple of ducks
    3. Three brown bears
    4. Four running hares
    5. Five foxy females fixing for a fight
    6. Six Sicilian sailors sail the seven seas
    7. Seven happy sheet slitters happily slitting sheets
    8. Eight cocky sock cutters cockily cutting socks
    9. Nine nude nymphs knitting nine naughty negligees
    10. I’m not the pheasant plucker, I’m the pheasant plucker’s son, I’m only plucking pheasants til the pheasant plucker comes.

    As you can see the lines get harder and harder. Here’s an example round:

    Speaker: One fat hen

    Players: One fat hen!

    Speaker: One fat hen, couple of ducks

    Players: One fat hen, fouple of… *drink*

    Speaker: One fat hen, couple of ducks, three brown bears

    Players: One fat hen, couple of bears — *drink until other players finish the verse*


    This goes on until the entire verse is completed. The One Fat Hen drinking game is a hilarious way to trip up people, especially those who have already had a few and are having trouble speaking already.



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    Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game

    The Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    We all remember this classic show from when we were younger. Well now it’s time to revisit it with the Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game! Since this show follows a pretty standard formula, Goku loses, Goku gets stronger, Goku wins. It makes for the perfect drinking game.

    This game should work with any number of players and any season of dragon ball Z so just pick your favorite season and get ready to drink until your power level is over 9000!

    What You’ll Need

    Any given episode of Dragon Ball Z and some drinks

    Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip of Your Drink Whenever

    • Whenever a dragon ball is mentioned or seen
    • Anyone’s power level is mentioned
    • Goku uses a Kamehameha
    • Master Roshi does something perverted
    • Goku is eating
    • Anyone goes Super Saiyan
    • Any other character uses their special attack (Destructo disc, Final flash, etc…)
    • Anyone refers to Goku as “Kakarot”
    • One of the main villains is mentioned by name (Frieza, Buu, Cell, etc…)
    • Vageta does or says something kinda douchey

    Take a huge chug or a shot whenever

    • One of the main cast members dies
    • Goku releases a spirit bomb
    • A wish is granted
    • Someone is brought back to life

    Hard Mode: (Only brave this mode if you’re ready to do some serious drinking)

    Take a drink whenever someone grunts or makes a powering up noise.


    The Dragon Ball Z drinking game is a great way to revisit this anime as an adult. Be warned though, the hard mode is very intense. About half of this show is just grunting back and forth, at least whenever they are in a fight. If you’re looking for more drinking games to animes we have one of the largest collections of anime drinking games on the internet. As always if you do choose to play a drinking game please remember to drink responsibly.

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