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    DRINKILL – An Upcoming Epic Drinking Board Game

    A recent drinking game that has popped up on our radar is the board game DRINKILL. This one is a fully functional drinking board game that is set to start funding through Kickstarter on October 16th, 2018. Now what peaked our interest about this game is the awesome artstyle and the fact that it uses multiple character classes to blend board gaming and drinking games.

    What Is DRINKILL?

    From what we can gather DRINKILL is a little more than just a run of the mill drinking game.

    The objective of the game is fairly simple. Make it from the start of the board to the end of it and hopefully don’t get too trashed on the way there. There’s a variety of different spaces you can land on to make things a little more interesting or cause people to get their drink-on.

    To add to the excitement of the game everyone gets their own character complete with their own character icon and special power to help them get the edge and make it to the end first.

    Plus there’s an array of Item Cards that allow you to mess with your opponents in fun ways like making them take shots or issuing challenges.

    Where Can You Support This Game?

    You can visit their official site at www.drinkill.com for all the information you’ll need.

    If you’re looking to sink your teeth a little deeper and check out some progress updates and awesome artwork check out their Instagram Page.

    Lastly don’t forget to support DRINKILL on their Kickstarter page once it opens up! Not only will they bring you some great stretch goals and special packages for backers but the first day of the Kickstarter offers a discount for all backers.


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    An Awesome 8 Mile Drinking Game

    This 8-mile drinking game is for the film 8 mile which was starred and written by Eminem and loosely parallels his life before fame as a battle rapper. Throughout this movie Rabbit is faced with a slew of horrible luck as he slowly defeats the odds to become a dope rapper. The movie itself is full of drinking, swearing, smoking and rapping which is what makes is such a good movie to play a drinking game to.

    Play this game with any amount of people you want. The more the merrier.

    What You’ll Need

    For this game all you’re going to need is the movie and some drinks.

    8 Mile Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Rabbit takes off or puts up his hood
    • Anyone says “rabbit”
    • Someone calls rabbit white
    • Cheddar bob says or does something stupid
    • Someone talks about banging rabbits mom
    • Rabbit flips someone off
    • Rabbit says “Fuck You”
    • Anyone says “3-1-3”, including when it’s being chanted.

    Finish what’s left of your drink whenever the title of the film gets name dropped. I believe this only happens 2 or 3 times throughout the movie.

    Simple Version

    Too many rules to follow and remember? Well then just drink every time someone swears in the movie instead. That will get ya drunk in no-time.

    Get those drinks ready because the 8 mile drinking game should have you drunk enough to start considering yourself a battle rapper. We encourage everyone to try out their battle rapping skills at the end of this drinking game.

    However like any drinking game this should be played with caution. If you feel like you have had enough or are approaching your limits take a breather. If you’re looking for more movies that make for wicked drinking games check out our Dazed and Confused drinking game!

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    Here’s A Twilight Drinking Game, I Suppose

    For those that missed this tween phenomenon; Twilight was a series of horrible teen fiction books and movies that places vampires in sexually tense situations. The idea of this movie was rumored to come to it’s creator in a dream. And I believe it because no conscious functioning mind should be spewing this. Can you tell I’m still bitter about being dragged to this movie? Now it’s not without it’s merit, after all it does make for a great drinking game.

    This Twilight drinking game is pretty simple. Just follow these easy drinking rules and take a sip whenever any of these things come up. You can play with any number of people and I suggest more than 1 because that’s incredibly sad.

    What You’ll Need To Play This Game

    For this game you’ll want a copy of the first twilight movie. (pirate it for gods sake don’t support this nonsense). Although you could just as well play with any of the sequels too. Then just grab a drink and follow these rules.

    Twilight Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Drink Whenever…

    • There’s an odd wilderness shot like a deer jumping through the woods.
    • Bella touches or plays with her hair.
    • Someone begins to sparkle.
    • Bella bites her lip or stutters.
    • Someone or something hisses.
    • Anyone mentions love in any way.
    • Someone dies.
    • Edward does his half-smile.
    • It gets foggy for some reason.
    • Someone transforms into another form.

    Chug for as long as Bella and Edward stare longingly at each other.


    Now these drinking rules for our twilight drinking game are pretty relentless. They mostly all come up very often so make sure you have those drinks nearby. Either way you want to make sure to drink responsibly and never go past your limits. If you wanted to look at more drinking games for movies check out our massive collection of drinking movies!

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    The Ultimate Bocce Ball Drinking Game

    Ever stand around lazily tossing bocce balls and think to yourself “this would be way funner if i was slammered.”? Well we’ve come up with a solution for just such an occasion. Our Bocce Ball drinking game adds some fun and simple drinking rules to bocce to make sure everyone has a good time.

    What You’ll Need For This Game

    First and foremost you’re going to need a bocce set. Which typically contains 8 bocce balls and a jack (the little white one). Then grab a cooler with some ice and load it up with drinks. This game can be played with any amount of players as long as teams are even.

    The Ultimate Bocce Ball Drinking Game Rules

    If anyone needs a refresher here’s a quick rundown of how a typical game of bocce is played. If you already know all this just skip on down to our drinking rules.

    The objective of the game is to score points by getting your balls closest to the jack. Every frame whoever was closest scores 1 point, if they have BOTH closest balls they score 2. The winner of each frame gets to toss the jack for the next turn. First player (or team) to reach 12 points wins the game and the others are all disgraceful losers.

    Drinking Rules

    1. Each frame if your team doesn’t score any points take a sip.
    2. If at the end of a frame your ball was the furthest from the jack take an extra sip.
    3. If someone scores 2 points on the same frame they can choose another team to take 5 sips.
    4. At the end of the game everyone but the winner must drink the difference between their score and the winning teams score.
    5. If your team gets skunked (lose with less than 8 points) then you and your team mates must get on one knee and finish your drinks.
    6. If your team gets double skunked (lose with less than 4 points) then you and your shitty team members must each get on 1 knee and shotgun a full drink.

    This bocce drinking game is a great way to turn a rather simple game into a hilarious party. If you’re looking for added adventure then try playing on some urban terrain instead of just a flat surface.

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    How To Play Sip, Sip, Shot – Complete Rules

    For the uninitiated Sip, Sip Shot is a drinking game resembling the children’s game “duck,duck goose”. And really what’s funner than getting drunk and acting like a kid again?

    The idea of the game is pretty simple. Much like in duck, duck goose someone runs around the circle bopping people’s heads instead this time “duck” and “goose” are replaced with “sip” and “shot”. When someone is bopped and declared “shot!” they must race the other player around the circle and get back to their chair to avoid taking a shot. This game requires at least 4 people.

    What You’ll Need

    For this game you’ll need a shot glass for the loser and then everyone else must have a drink of their own for sipping. This game is played on the floor so everyone playing must sit in a circle on the floor.

    Sip, Sip, Shot Drinking Game Rules

    At the start someone is chosen to be the bopper. Once chosen they walk around the outside of the circle and bope everyone on the head saying “sip”. Whenever someone is bopped and declared sip, they must take a sip of their tasty adult beverage.

    However at any time the bopper can say “shot”, now it’s go-time! The person declared shot and the bopper must sprint around the circle and get back to the spot he was sitting in. If the bopper gets there first the boppee loses and must down a shot of hard alcohol. Otherwise the bopper must drink and continue around the circle.

    Once someone loses they become the bopper for the next ground.

    There’s no real finishing point to this game so just continue to play until standing up and running in a circle starts to feel next to impossible.


    As with any drinking games anyone playing sip, sip shot should know their limits. Please always make sure to exercise caution and drink responsibly.

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    Beer Tricks Drinking Game Rules

    This one is a classic trick taking game that involves quite a lot of drinking so make sure you got a few drinks ready. The objective of the Beer Tricks drinking game is to never play the lowest card of a suit or risk drinking as punishments. The game plays out in 5 or so rounds and works with anywhere from 2 to 8 players.

    What You’ll Need

    A full deck of cards (with or without jokers) and some drinks.

    Beer Tricks Drinking Game Rules

    The point of the game is try try and play a high card of the correct suit.

    The game starts with 5 cards being dealt out to each player. Then the rest of the deck is placed face down on the table.

    The youngest player starts the game. First a card is flipped from the top of the deck. This will represent the suit that must be played and the amount of sips one must take if they lose. (Jack, Queen and King all count as 10, Ace is 11).

    Now the starting player plays any card, trying to match the suit of the flipped card. Everyone goes around in a clockwise order and does the same. Whoever played the lowest drinks equal to the flipped card and gets to start the next round by flipping a new card.

    If someone can’t play a card of the matching suit they must still play a card. A card that is the wrong suit is automatically considered lower than any card of the matching suit. So the worst card someone can ever play is an Ace that’s the wrong suit.

    This game should last exactly 5 rounds.

    On a tie all players who lost drink.


    If you choose to play with jokers use this rule. If a joker is flipped as the drinking card then the loser of that round must pound back the whole drink. Additionally there is no “suit” so people can play whichever suit they want. If you have a joker in your hand it counts as 12 and you can choose which suit it is.


    The Beer Tricks drinking game functions as a simplified version of Hearts or other trick taking games. It’s easy to play buy depending on your card luck you could end up doing a lot of drinking so please make sure to drink responsibly and page yourself.

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    Dragon Ball Z Abridged Drinking Game

    This DBZ Abridged drinking game is for the popular podcast by Team Four Star that dubs over and zooms through the full series of dragon ball Z, cutting out all the filler and nonsense along the way. The series is a hilarious retrospective of this classic anime so we decided to come up with a drinking game to make it even funner!

    What You’ll Need To Play

    For this game you’ll just need any episode (or multiple) of the popular series and some drinks. You can find all the current episodes for free on YoutTube.

    Check out the episodes here!

    Dragon Ball Z Abridged Drinking Game Rules

    Take a drink whenever…

    • Goku’s intelligence comes under scrutiny
    • A character dies
    • Someone swears
    • Tien says something shitty to Yamcha
    • Anyone mentions their power level
    • Piccolo calls gohan a nerd

    Whenever the Krillin Gets Owned count goes up drink equal to what it’s at. (Just finish your drink if it’s the later episodes when it gets to the 30s). This happens about once an episode but sometimes there will be multiple in a row so watch out. 


    This dragon ball z abridged drinking game is great and works best with the early episodes before the krillin gets owned count gets too high. Either way it’s always good fun, but make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you are instead looking for a way to drink to the actual DBZ series check out our Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game.

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    Debatable – Improv In A Box

    Lately we got the chance to test out the awesome party game Debatable. Basically this card game pits people against each other in different topics and the players need to try and argue their case and win over the votes of the audience. What makes this game extra hilarious is that each debater randomly draws two strategy cards that they MUST use during their debate. These wacky strategies range from “use animal metaphors” to “Attack your opponents gender”.

    In this article we go over how to play the game, what we thought of it, and of course some drinking rules we came up with to add an extra layer of fun to the game.

    How To Play

    One of the many highlights of this game is just how simple it is to play. The goal is to win debates, if you fail in a debate twice then you get eliminated from the game.

    First thing that happens is everyone votes on who they think will be the worst player in the game. So right of the start you’re pushing people’s buttons. That player starts off as the moderator, who will dictate the first debate.

    The moderator basically controls the first debate. He draws one of the many subject cards and decides which topic to use. Then he also gets to pick who will be debating and who is for and against the topic at hand.

    Now the two debaters need to pick their strategy cards. They each randomly draw 2 strategy cards and the quirk that’s on the top on both cards will be the ones they have to use.

    Now for the debate. Both debaters start by giving their opening statements and then the timer is flipped. The debate lasts until the timer is emptied. It’s the moderators job to keep things on track and make sure each debater is getting an equal word in. Once the timer runs out each debater gives their closing statement and the debate is finished.

    After this it’s voting time. Each non debating player votes on who they think won the argument. Whoever lost gets a “under pressure” card. The losing player now gets to be the moderator for the next round and choose new debaters and a topic.

    If anyone loses two debates during the game they are eliminated. Last player standing wins the game!

    Debatable Review

    As far as fun vocal party games go this is one of the best ones we have ever played. It’s a great time for everyone involved. Plus if anyone doesn’t want to get into character and do any debating they can just grab a couple voting cards and help judge the winners.

    This game is played best with the right group of people. It essentially turns any night into a night of improv, which if you’re into that kind of thing can be a great time. If you have friends who are loud, outspoken, and capable of having a great time then this game is second-to-none. Simply put, this is one of the most genuinely funny games we have played.

    Check out Debatable on Amazon here! 

    Drinking Rules

    We kept the drinking rules for this game short and sweet.

    1. If your vote is in the minority, take a drink.
    2. If you lose a debate drink for every vote against you.
    3. When you’re eliminated finish your drink.

    The debatable card game is an awesome way to liven up any get together. We recommend it strongly.


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    How To Play The Great American Challenge Drinking Game

    This game is for all you patriotic heroes out there who just want to drink, smoke, eat and just get generally messed up. The Great American Challenge drinking game is a sheer test of will. People split into teams of 4 and then race to finish 36 beers (9 each), smoke two grams of weed, eat two large pizzas and then finish a 100 piece puzzle. You’re going to need all your senses sharpened to win this one.


    This game can be played with as many teams of 4 as you want but you’re going to need to make sure everyone is set up properly before the game starts. It also helps to have a referee handy to penalize anyone who causes any infractions like throwing up or spilling their drink.

    Each team will need…

    1. 36 beers within arms reach.
    2. 2 grams of weed and something to smoke it with. (teams choice.)
    3. A 100 piece puzzle (again teams choice) and a table to sit around.

    If there’s not enough tables or puzzles for each team then everyone can take turns doing the challenge. But you’ll need a referee to time it as to judge who did it quicker.

    How To Play The Great American Challenge Drinking Game

    This game is broken up into 4 phases. Drink, Smoke, Eat, Think. Each phase must be completed before the next phase begins. Phase 1 involves drinking 36 beers, phase 2 is smoking 2 grams of weed, phase 3 is eating two large pizzas and finally phase 4 is doing a 100 piece puzzle.

    Once the team(s) are ready to begin a ref should start the clock and the groups of 4 can start drinking.

    Phase 1: Drink

    Each team must race to finish a full 36 beers. These can be drank by any members of the teams and don’t need to be divided up evenly. A ref may issue penalties for infractions such as unfinished beers, spilling beer, throwing up, etc… It’s up to the refs discretion what the penalty should be but it should be something time consuming to slow down the offending team.

    Phase 2: Smoke

    This one’s pretty simple. Each team now just grabs their preferred smoking device and passes it along. Once the full 2 grams is smoked then that team can move on to the next phase. As before the ref can issue penalties for anything deemed unfair.

    Phase 3: Eat

    Now that everyone is all liquored up and high as a kite it’s time for the eating phase. Each team races to finish 2 large pizzas.

    Phase 4: Think

    The fourth and final phase involves solving a 100 piece puzzle. Which normally wouldn’t be such a daunting task but after a case of beer, a gram and a belly full of pizza it gets a little hard to think. Whoever finishes all 4 phases in the quickest time is the winning team!


    It should go without saying that the great american challenge drinking game can be rather dangerous. It’s very easy to get caught up in a challenge like this and end up consuming too much. So we ask anyone who dares take on this should please drink responsibly.


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    An Amazing UFC Drinking Game

    After another night of downing some beers and watch a couple people wail on eachother we decided it’s about time we create a UFC Drinking Game. This game will work with any UFC match but we suggest trying it out during one of the many PPV live events.

    How it works is each person picks a fighter at the start of each match. Then they just follow these easy drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. Anyone who actually follows the UFC will have a huge advantage in having a decent guess at how the matches will play out.

    The UFC Drinking Game Rules

    Before each match pick one of the two fighters. 

    Take a drink whenever your fighter…

    • He/she refuses a handshake during the weigh-in.
    • Gets punched in the face.
    • Is taken down.

    Chug for as long as your fighter is turtling.

    General Drinking Rules

    Finish your drink if your fighter is knocked out.

    Shotgun a beer if they are eliminated in the very first round for any reason.

    Everybody drink in solidarity if a nut-shot is landed.

    Intense Mode

    If you want to up the ante multiply the drinking you do by round number. So each face shot and take down in the first round only amounts to one drink, but in later rounds they are worth more. So if the fight lasts to the fifth round each one would be worth 5 drinks.



    This UFC drinking game is all in good fun but it’s easy to get carried away especially if you plan on playing it for multiple fights. So please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly. If you liked this game and wanted to check out some more great sport drinking games why not take a look at our huge collection of sport drinking games!


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    The Bob Newhart Show Drinking Game (Hi, Bob)

    As far as drinking games based around watching TV programs goes this has to be one of the oldest ones out there. This Bob Newhard Show drinking game (known as Hi, Bob) was popular during the shows run in the 70s.

    How To Play Hi, Bob!

    The game itself has one simple rule. Just watch any given episode of the Bob Newhart Show and take a sip of your tasty adult beverage whenever someone says “Hi, Bob”.

    You’d think this wouldn’t come up all too often but whenever a new characters enters the show they almost certainly utter the phrase. Typically the game requires people to take a shot of alcohol each time this happens, but it’s up to the people playing how much they want to drink.

    The History of The Game

    As far as we’re aware this is the first popular drinking game based around watching a TV show. Gaining most of it’s traction with university students shortly after the show stopped airing new episodes (around the 1980s).

    Playing this Bob Newhart Show drinking game actually became so popular that it prompted a response from some of the cast members. Even Bob himself mentioned that the drinking game could be responsible for some of the popularity of the show.



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    Never Too Young To Die Drinking Game

    The Never Too Young To Die drinking game has people drinking to the 1986 cult classic starring John Stamos and Gene Simmons. You read that correctly.

    This movie follows the handsome and seemingly undefeatable Stargrove (played by Stamos) as he tries to avenge his father who was murdered at the hands of the hermaphroditic Ragner (played by Simmons). And it’s every bit as outrageous as it sounds. From the nonsensical plot to the apple-heavy sex scene this movie is a blast. So that’s why we deemed it necessary to make a drinking game!

    What You’ll Need

    Any copy of this mess of a movie (It can be found pretty easily online) and some drinks.

    Never Too Young To Die Drinking Game Rules

    Take a Sip Whenever…

    • Anyone says “Stargrove”. (Inlcuding when it’s sung in the background a bunch of times in the opening scene).
    • You notice a flaming trash can.
    • Someone checks the time.
    • Someone gets shot.
    • Ragnar goes out of the way to mention he/she is a hermaphrodite.
    • Stargrove takes a bite of an apple when he should be getting laid.
    • Cliff or someone else shoots his weird hybrid granade/rocket/laser gun.
    • Ragnar fingers someone.


    There should be more than enough rules in here to suffice but if for some reason you want to push it over the edge add in this hardmode rule. Take a sip whenever you don’t understand why something happens. Depending how attentive you are this could be about every 30 seconds in this film.



    Our never too young to die drinking game is a great way to enjoy this great/terrible movie. But remember to always keep it a game and pace yourself. If you think you need a break take one and always remember to drink responsibly.

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