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    The Unofficial Marvel Cinematic Universe Drinking Game!

    Looking for a drinking game for any of the many many movies in the marvel cinematic universe? Well we got you covered. Rather then laboring away and trying to make a new game for every installation in every franchise like we normally do we decided to try and catch them all under one net.

    So no matter awesome marvel super hero you prefer this drinking game will make sure you’re having a great time.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    Grab any movie from the MCU and a few drinks and you’re set. Can be anything from Iron Man, to Guardians of the Galaxy to any of the Avengers movies.

    If you’re looking fro a list of films that are part of the MCU check here.

    The Unofficial Marvel Cinematic Universe Drinking Game Rules

    Take a drink whenever…

    • Someone puts on or takes off their super-suit
    • Someone lands with one knee and palm/fist on the ground
    • Anyone gets thrown into a wall
    • The hero’s mentor dies
    • Someone cracks a joke at an inopportune time
    • You hear “I Am Groot”
    • The fourth wall is broken
    • Someone talks to an A.I.
    • A made up element is mentioned like “Vibranium” or “Adamantium”
    • A character with an actual name dies
    • Someone’s iconic line is uttered. Such as “With great power comes great responsibility”.
    • A civilian is saved from certain death
    • One of the heroes is called by their actual name, not their super hero name
    • Someone transforms
    • A future movie is hinted at (including in the post credit scene)
    • A minion gets destroyed with relative ease

    Finish Your Drink Whenever Stan Lee Makes A Cameo

    Nerd Mode: If you notice any gaping plot holes or things that don’t make sense with the MCU timeline point them out. If nobody can refute it everyone else drinks.

    Loved the Marvel Cinematic Universe drinking game but are craving something a little more spooky? Check out our Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game! A big shout out goes to FalconLord92 for helping come up with these great rules.


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    The Minesweeper Drinking Game

    This minesweeper drinking game works with any version of minesweeper but we suggest playing it with the classic windows version for added nostalgia. Any number of people can join in the game since everyone will be taking turns clearing the minefield and giving out drinks if they can place a flag or taking drinks if they activate a mine.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    For this game everyone playing will need their own drink. Plus 1 shot of hard alcohol for the loser of the game to “bomb”. Any minesweeper client will work just fine. Choose the difficulty that best befits your group.

    Minesweeper Drinking Game Rules

    Before the game starts fill up the shot glass with an alcohol of the groups choosing. This will have to be drank by whoever loses and blows up a mine. Players take turns on this game. A turn is either clicking a space, planting a flag, or losing and blowing up a mine.

    There’s only 3 rules to this game.

    1. On your turn if you are able to put a flag down on a mine you can make another player take a sip of their drink. Flags can only be placed if you are 100% sure there was a mine there. If it turns out you were wrong you must down your drink.
    2. If someone blows up a mine and loses the game they must drink the shot glass. (even if it’s on the first move!).
    3. If the game is completed, all mines are cleared and the little smiley dons those baller shades then everyone cheers and take a sip! Maybe move the difficulty up for next round?


    The minesweeper drinking game is all in good fun but always remember to drink responsibly and keep it in moderation. If you’re looking for more drinking games to cool old school games  check out our Bubble Bobble Drinking Game!


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    5 Wicked Halloween Party Ideas For Adults Who Drink


    Looking to spice up your Halloween party and make sure everyone has a good time? We made a quick list of some great Halloween party ideas for adults. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a costume party only to realize that it’s just like any other night out with a few people dressed up as Disney characters. So here’s some ideas that will help push your party over the top.

    Make a Pumpkin Chugging Helmet

    This one is crazy simple and always a crowd pleaser. All you need to do is carve out a pumpkin! Guaranteed if you have one of these sitting around it’ll be a matter of time before people are passing it around pounding back drinks. Simply cut out the bottom of a pumpkin, empty it out, cut out eye holes and a bottle hole and you’re good to go.

    Get Together a Creepy Halloween Punch Bowl

    This is so easy you just gotta do it. Fill up a punch bowl with your favorite drink mix. Preferably something sweet that anyone can enjoy like a Sangria. Then toss some red food coloring in there, a few rubber spiders and gummy worms.

    Queue Up Some Scary Movies, Print Out Some Drinking Rules For Them

    Freddy gets loaded

    Grab a bunch of your favorite classic scary movies like Friday the 13th and have them on in the background of the party. Print out some drinking rules and hang them next to the TV. This is a great idea for any party goers who are just looking to relax and enjoy some drinks. If you’re looking for some generic horror movie rules check out our Horror Movie Drinking Game.

    Get Those Halloween Snacks Ready

    If people are drinking and having a good time they’re going to want to demolish some delishious holiday treats. This can be anything from spooky cupcakes to tossing some candy corn in a bowl of chex mix.

    No Costume, No Dice!

    Who shows up to a Halloween party without a costume anyway? This rule is a must. If you want to make sure people are having a good time have a costume competition and give a bottle of booze to whoever’s costume blew you away the most.



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    Friday the 13th: The Drinking Game!

    What better way to celebrate a spooky Halloween than with a Friday the 13th Drinking Game? These classic horror movies tell a tale as old as time. Kids get stuck, monster kills kids one by one. It pretty well set the stage for most other scary movies of it’s time. So grab a drink (or several) and play along!

    This game was made for the original 1980 version of the movie but some of the rules are so universal that you could play with any movie within the franchise.

    What You’ll Need To Play This Game

    All you’re going to need for this is some drinks and the original 1980 film.

    Friday the 13th: The Drinking Game Rules

    • When anyone dies toast to their life and take a sip
    • Take a drink whenever someone in the movie gets scared by a cat scare
    • Whenever someone smokes or drinks in the movie, so do you!
    • Take a sip for each boobie you spot
    • Whenever there’s any mention of the curse take a sip
    • Whenever anyone says Jason take a drink. If they use his full name take two.
    • Drink whenever you hear the infamous about-to-murder sound effect. (chh.. chh.. chh.. ah! ah! ah!)

    Chug for as long as the camera remains in Jason’s point of view


    With these Friday the 13th drinking game rules you’re sure to get blasted in no time. So always make sure to drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home if you need one. Looking for a game that works with any old school horror movie? We suggest you take a look at our Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game. Cheers!



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    Introducing the Pumpkin Chug. The Ultimate Halloween Drinking Game.

    For all those who aren’t afraid of getting a little messy in the name of good fun this halloween season we came up with a drinking method called the Pumpkin Chug. In essence this drinking game is just a creative way to chug a beer through a pumpkin and looking like a total doofus at the same time.

    What this entails is carving a jack-o-lantern by cutting the hole in the bottom instead of the top, leaving enough room for someone to get their head in. Then making a small circular mouth that can hold the neck of a bottle and chugging through it.

    Getting What You Need Ready

    There’s a little prep involved in this game. All you’re going to need is a large pumpkin (Large enough for someone to fit their head in), something to carve it with and some bottled beers.

    Now here’s the important park. When gutting the pumpkin make sure to make the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin not the top. This is so someone can put it on their head like a helmet when it’s done.

    Once the pumpkin is all gutted out you’re going to need to cut the eyes and mouth hole. Plus whatever facial features you think would look best on a drunken pumpkin-head.

    When cutting the mouth it should only be a small circle about the size of a bottle neck. That way a bottle can sit comfortably with no hand necessary. A good way to do this is to push a bottle cap into the pumpkin and use that as a reference for the mouth hole.

    How To Do The Pumpkin Chug

    Now that all the prep is done the Halloween drinking game fun can begin!

    Grab a beer bottle and the nearest fun-loving party-goer.

    First get the person to put the pumpkin on their head like a football helmet. Make sure the mouth is lined up to the mouth hole is lined up.

    Now put the beer bottle flat on the table and have the person move their pumpkin helmet mouth onto the open beer bottle that’s flat on the table. (this is the only way to attach the bottle without spilling any.)

    At the count of three lean back so that the bottle is upside down and commence chugging. Whoever can do this quickest is the halloween drinking game master!

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    The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game!

    In my household the classic simpsons halloween specials have become a staple around christmas time. So we decided to come up with a Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game to have a bit more fun with it.

    The way this game works is you just need to pop on any Simpsons Halloween special and drink whenever the drinking rules come up. Any episode should do since so many have the recurring themes like the demise of Willy or a cameo by the two aliens.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    All you’re going to need is a few drinks and your favorite episodes.

    The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Someone dies
    • Someone let’s go a terrified scream
    • The aliens make an appearance
    • “it was all a dream”
    • You notice a spooky version of one of the names on the credits
    • Lightning strikes
    • You are able to point out a reference to another horror or sci fi film
    • Suspenseful music starts up
    • A gun is fired

    If Willie the lovable Scott dies in the episode finish your drink! 

    Always remember to keep it a game. Don’t ever drink to excess or get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. If you liked our Treehouse of Horror drinking game then you should check out another drinking game we made to the classic film BeetleJuice.



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    Porfanity Card Game Review – Put That Dirty Mind To Work

    The profanity card game is one that thrives off the sickest of minds. The more imaginative and vulgar you are the better you’re probably going to do. Anyone who can spin simple sentences into a dirty word will be an absolute ace at this game!

    What this game entails is placing cards down to form quick two word sayings and then describing to the group what that could mean. With a plethora of filthy words like “teabag” and “moist” you’ll be at no shortage of obscene content. The judge will have to decide who’s phrase was the funniest at the end of each round and award them the point as well as them being able to judge the next round.

    How To Play the Profanity Card Game

    Rules of this one are fairly simple. (Which is a blessing based on how drunk we were when testing it out).

    At the start each player gets 10 word cards. Some dirty and some fairly innocent until combined with others. Then a judge is chosen by voting on who at the table has the dirtiest mouth. Which is a big advantage in this game!

    The judge drops any card from their hand onto the table face up. That’ll be the word everyone else has to match with. Now everyone else takes turns laying a card face down to the left or right of the face up one depending which order they want it to be read.

    Once everyone has put down a card except the judge it’s time to read the phrases. The judge flips through the cards saying out the phrases. If someone wants to they can give a brief definition of their smutty phrase to try and really showcase their nasty mind.

    Now the judge picks their favorite. Whoever’s it was gets a point and is now the judge for the next round.

    Profanity Review

    Never thought all those years of combing the darkest corners of Urban Dictionary would pay off!

    In our personal opinion this game is best played late in the night after a few empty bottles have already cluttered the table. Since you want everyone playing to be vocal and saying the dirtiest things that come to their mind. Otherwise you might be left with a shy person or two taking forever to come up with the right combo.

    Provided you have the right group of friends this game is a riot! A few rounds in and you’ll get a quick glimpse at the inner workings of your friends minds that you’re going to wish you never saw. The profanity card game is one of the most genuinely funny games out there and will have everyone in stitches!

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    Joe Rogan Questions Everything Drinking Game

    Joe Rogan Questions Everything is a tv show where the hosts Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell as they try and delve into some of the strangest theories out there. This drinking game is very simple and easy to follow, just grab a glass and take a sip whenever any of these drinking rules come up.

    From the most delusional of conspiracy theorists to the most level headed scientists this show tries it’s best to cover the each side of a theory.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    To play this drinking game you’re going to need some drinks and any episode of the show. So just pick your favorite topic and dive in.

    Joe Rogan Questions Everything Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip whenever…

    • Joe mentions that he’s being open minded
    • A scientist of some sort is brought on
    • The word “evidence” or “science” is used
    • Someone says the theme of the current episode such as “Sasquatch” or “Chemtrails”
    • Duncan makes fun of someone
    • Joe calls himself stupid or a dummy
    • There’s a split shot with multiple clips of Joe’s face on screen

    Take a big swig whenever Joe or Duncan call something out for being bullshit

    As far as drinking games go this Joe Rogan Questions Everything drinking game is fairly moderate. Depending on what episode you’re watching and how often they bring up the topic at hand you might be in for a fair amount of drinking. So always make sure to drink responsibly and take a breather if you think you need one.


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    Cribbage Drinking Game Rules

    Fan of playing crib? Fan of getting loaded? Well this cribbage drinking game is for you! For all those who have no idea how to play Cribbage check BicycleCards.com for the official rules.

    This game just uses standard crib rules and adds drinking rules to the mix to keep the alcohol flowin’. So you best be on your A game or drink as punishment. This game works as a 1 on 1 game or a 2 on 2 game. This is typically played in a full 121 point game.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    A standard crib board, deck of cards, and some drinks for everyone playing.

    Cribbage Drinking Game Rules

    1. If a jack is flipped to start the game everyone must toast and take a sip.
    2. If someone cannot play and must pass, they must drink.
    3. If someone hits 15 exactly they can force another player to drink.
    4. If someone hits 31 exactly they can force another player to drink 3 times.
    5. If a run is created, whoever breaks the run must drink for the length of the run.
    6. If pairs/triplets/quads are played whoever broke the chain must drink equal to the number on the card used to create the pair/triplet/quad. Anything Jack or higher is worth 10.
    7. When counting hands the lowest scoring hand must drink 3 times.

    End Of Game Drinking

    1. At the end of the game whoever lost must drink half of their drink.
    2. If they were skunked they must drink their full drink.
    3. If they were double skunked they must finish every drink at the table.

    This cribbage drinking game can be pretty intense especially if you’re horrible at it and end up getting double skunked. So make sure to always drink enough water and never drink to access. Take a break if you think you need one.



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    Rummy for Rummies Drinking Game Rules


    If you’re not too familiar with how to play Rummy we aren’t going to bother to explain the whole game. The official rules can be found here. But if you’re just trying to find creative ways to down a few drinks while playing this classic card game then this rummy drinking game should do quite nicely.

    Basically all that happens in this game is you play a regular game of Rummy and drink whenever any of these drinking rules come up. These rules tends to shake things up a bit because you might want to reconsider making certain moves if you don’t want to end up drinking much.

    What You’ll Need To Play This Game

    For this drinking game you’re going to need a decent understanding of how to play Rummy already. Then you need a full deck of cards and some drinks of choice.

    Rummy Drinking Game Rules


    • If you discard any numbered card (2-10) you must take one drink.
    • If you discard a face card you need to drink twice.
    • If you discard an Ace everyone BUT YOU drinks.
      • If it’s the Ace of Spades you discarded you must finish your whole drink.
    • These effects are doubled if the card below the one you’re discarding is the same suit.

    Making sets/runs

    If you make a set or run you get to give out drinks equal to how big the set/run is. Even if someone just adds on 1 card to the end of a run they get to give out drinks equal to it’s total length.

    Going Out

    When someone goes out you must drink once for each card remaining in your hand. If you still have that dreaded ace of spades, finish your drink!


    The rummy drinking game is a great way to add another layer to an already fun strategic card game.

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    Official Wizard Staff Drinking Game Rules (Also Known As Wisest Wizards)

    The Wizard’s Staff Drinking Game is less of a game and more of an all night drinking challenge. It’s best played at a cabin or somewhere that you don’t have to worry as much about spill damage because there will be a lot of it. Basically every time someone finishes a beer they tape it to their next one, creating a large staff of beers over time. For this game it’s essential to ensure everyone is drinking out of cans. Nothing else will really work for this (Trust me we’ve tried) .

    There’s two ways to play this game. The simple way where you just drink and see who can get the biggest staff, or the advanced version that includes challenges and bosses that add a ton of drunken debauchery to the mix.



    Canned beer and Duct Tape. Make sure you get ample amounts of duct tape because as the night goes on you’ll find it harder and harder to administer duct tape correctly. Personally I like to make sure to get some outlandish duct tape from the local dollar store.

    Wizard Staff Drinking Game Rules:

    Every time a player opens a new beer he must tape it to his previous empty beer can, thus creating a large staff of beers over time. Every completed beer on the staff represents 1 level gained. Players cannot remove their beers from the staff. At the end of the night the player with the largest staff and thus the highest level is deemed the wisest wizard. Toast to his glory since he is probably passed out and can’t do it himself.

    Wisest Wizards


    Now if you want you can also add in all these level challenges and bosses to make things even more exciting. In order to pass certain levels one must complete tasks to resume growing their staff. Plus there’s some bosses that need to be conquered before anyone can pass a certain level.


    Level 1: Neophyte. No task required.

    Level 2: Acolyte. To advance beyond this and onto level three one must complete a covenant. Pledge your loyalty to the Alliance of Magicians: Take a knee for a Dirty Girl Scout or equally delicious yet feminine drink.

    Level 3: – Magician. No task required.

    Level 4: Adept. An adept must sign the contract. Your powers have outgrown your own mortal body. You must seek higher power from unhallowed sources. Drink a Fireball and Cider.

    Level 5: Sorcerer. No task required.

    Level 6: Warlock. A warlock must conquer! Mephistopheles was right: having a boss sucks. You must kill the demon to whom your soul is bound to advance your powers to the final tier. This Tier is a Solo cup taped to the top of the staff, walked around the party for others to fill up with whatever drinks/mixers they want to. Kill the demon cup, then celebrate.


    Unlike level challenges, everyone can band together to defeat bosses. And once they are defeated they are gone for good.

    Level 3BAAL. A three headed demon stands defiantly in your path. Place 3 shot classes on the table. One with water, one with beer, one with any hard alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey, whatever). This boss is not defeated until all 3 shots are taken. Anyone at the table can participate or decide not to, but nobody gets to level 4 until he’s defeated.

    Level 6ABADDON. This demon is shrouded by a swarm of locusts. Place a solo cup in the center of the table and fill it half way with any strong alcohol. The rest must be first with the VERY FIRST pop or juice that’s seen when opening the fridge (for best results get someone who doesn’t know what’s in the fridge to pick). Nobody may move to level 7 until this demon is defeated and the drink has been consumed.

    Credit to most of these awesome rules and the sick scroll graphic goes to CA Peter.

    Get creative with it; come up with your own Wizard’s Staff rules and add them on! If you think of anything you think needs to be on our official rule list like more boss ideas or level gaining challenges feel free to let us know.

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    The Mist (Movie) Drinking Game

    The mist drinking game is for the movie (not the tv series) based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get drunk and frightened at the same time then this is the game for you. If you’ve never seen the movie before don’t worry we kept this as spoiler free as possible.

    What You’ll Need

    To play this drinking game you’re going to need a copy of The Mist and some drinks.


    This game will have people drinking to all the classic horror movie stuff that happens like people turning their lights on/off and the gratuitous swearing. Plus everyone will have to pound back the rest of their drink for the iconic ending of this film.

    The Mist Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Someone dies (or dragged into the mist and presumably dead). There’s a few grey areas in this movie where the viewer isn’t sure if someone is dead or not so just drink whenever you’re pretty sure someone died.
    • You feel like yelling at Brent Norton for being such an idiot
    • Anyone swears
    • A flashlight or lamp is turned on
    • Someone says the word “mist”
    • An army vehicle drives by
    • Someone defiantly walks into the mist
    • Anyone talks about the generator
    • Mr Carmody mentions god, heaven or hell
    • Ollie says or does something awesome

    Finish your drink for the ending of this film. You’re going to need it. 


    Overall the mist drinking game can be quite a bit of drinking followed by some nice breaks to slow down for a bit. If you feel like you’ve had enough to drink please don’t over do it and follow safe drinking practices.


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